Final Fantasy XIV will be sold again in digital format, but when?

The problems that the Final Fantasy XIV servers have experienced since the release of Endwalker, its most recent expansion, have been continuous. Faced with this situation, Square Enix made the drastic decision to interrupt the digital sales of the video game. However, this anomaly is about to come to an end, as director and producer Naoki Yoshida has explained in a new post on the official website. The creative has indicated that the title will be sold again from January 25 at 9:00 CET.

That Final Fantasy XIV returns to the market It’s not a hard decisionYoshida warns. If servers “continue to experience extreme levels of congestion we may consider suspending digital sales again.” The team is aware that there are certain specific worlds where the servers experience extremely high traffic spikes. “While some may have considered the decision to discontinue premature sales, we ask that you be understanding on this issue.”

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Against toxic behaviors

Given the problems that have been happening over these weeks, the developers have experienced the anger of the community. Through another statement, director Yoshida has asked these players not to act in this way, since directing insults at developers only causes them to lose motivation and end up resigning from their position.

“I just have one request for all the gamers out there: please imagine you are talking face to face with a developer who you may not know what his name is and what his face looks like. Imagine how it will feel before sending your feedback, I will be happy if people do it in a polite way”, he declared. “This drains motivation or worse, they end up resigning.”

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is available on PS4, PS5 and PC.

Source | Square Enix