An Indonesian woman receives 100 canes for committing adultery (and her lover receives only 15)

A resident of the Indonesian province of Aceh, where along with national laws Islamic law is also applied, received this Thursday a hundred strokes of the rod on the back as punishment after confessing to having sex outside of their marriage, informs AFP.

Her male lover, also married, received in exchange only 15 sticks, since he has denied all the accusations. This made it impossible for the judges to prove his guilt, explained Ivan Najjar Alavi, head of the general investigation division of the local Public Prosecutor’s Office.

However, the judges sentenced the unfaithful man for having been caught in 2018 “showing affection” towards a woman who was not a wife, on a palm oil plantation.

He was initially sentenced to 30 strokes of the cane for that infraction, but managed to reduce the punishment by half after a successful appeal before the Sharia Supreme Court of the province.

According to an AFP reporter present during the application of the woman’s punishment, the executioners had to take a short break because the condemned could not bear the pain of the blows.

During the same opportunity, another man found guilty of having sexual relations with a minor person also received 100 blows with the cane, and must also serve 75 months in prison.

Province under Islamic law

The province of Aceh, located in the extreme north of the island of Sumatra, is the only region in Indonesia where it is applied sharia law, by virtue of an autonomy agreement agreed with the central government to put an end to its separatist movements.

The public floggings are common in Aceh, applying for crimes ranging from adultery to participating in games of chance, consuming alcohol or maintaining homosexual or premarital relationships, and are the target of criticism from human rights organizations.

Indonesia is the country with largest Muslim population worldwide.