Julie Gayet and François Hollande applaud Jean-Pierre Darroussin

Julie Gayet and François Hollande attended the rehearsal of the play “Rimbaud on fire” on Thursday evening, which features Jean-Pierre Darroussin.

From January 15 to March 12, 2022, Jean-Pierre Darroussin is back on stage with the play “Rimbaud on fire”. By Jean-Michel Djian and directed by Anna Novion, it had already met with success last year at the Toursky theater in Marseille. Here she is now starring at the Antoine theater in Paris.

Thursday, January 13 took place the general in the presence of several personalities, all came to applaud Jean-Pierre Darroussin. Julie Gayet and François Hollande were among the guests. The actress-producer and the former head of state found behind the scenes Jack Lang and his wife Monique, or even Anna Mouglalis. Jean-Pierre Darroussin was also able to count on the support and presence of Catherine Fort and Louise Bourgoin.

“In 1924, the very year that André Breton published the Manifesto of Surrealism in the columns of Le Figaro, we find the author of Season in Hell locked up in his hospital room in Charleville. Alive he is, even more visible than at 20 when he decides to put an end to poetry. It’s a genius on fire who settles in front of us, haggard, illuminated but even more flamboyant than he has ever been. It is no longer a body that speaks, it is a soul. A man “without soles and without wind” who invites his nurse as well as Paul Verlaine, Alfred Jarry, Ignace de Loyola, Léo Ferré on his “Drunk Boat”… As if, on a stroke of madness, and before the last lights of modernity overwhelm him and his fellows, Arthur Rimbaud allowed himself a masterful lesson in life”, says the synopsis of the play.

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