‘Melcochita’: 85-year-old comedian tested positive for COVID-19 and is isolated at home

Pablo Villanueva, better known as ‘Melcochita’, gave a positive test for COVID-19 that was carried out two days ago, as confirmed by his wife, Monserrat Seminario. He also pointed out that the comedian is calm, with some symptoms and is isolated at home.

Pablo (‘Melcochita’) was tested and well it came out positive. He passed this exam because everyone in the house, the seven of us who live here, had something like a cold,” initially stated in statements to the Trome newspaper.

“It turns out that only he has Covid and he is already isolated in one of the rooms in the house. Only I attend to him, he is with a double mask. His throat hurts a lot and he has a lot of ‘moquito’”, specified the Piuran woman who is the mother of her last daughters.

When asked about if the humorist and sonero has the third booster dose, Monserrat commented that yes and that their children who live abroad are very aware of their health, as is their family in Lima.

He was vaccinated in the United States when he was over there and here in Lima he received two doses from Pfizer, that keeps us calm. Of course, at 85 years old, you have to be very aware of each symptom,” he said.

“His saturation is doing well so far and I pray to God it continues like this. He can’t talk much on the phone because of a sore throat. Doctors have asked him to rest, ended.

Let’s remember that ‘Melcochita’ was the protagonist of an advertising spot about the universal family bonus that was delivered during the government of President Martín Vizcarra in which He recommended avoiding going to the bank window to make said payment.