The director of Days Gone rates one of the battles of "terrible"

Jeff Ross, the director of Days Gone, has spilled the beans in an interview with USA Today. The creative, who left Bend Studio shortly after the video game’s launch, has made an examination of conscience and has charged against some aspects of his own title, that unless things change at Sony, will not receive a sequel in the future. Ross has criticized the battle against one of the final bosses and has explained that the development was constrained by some issues.

“A lot of things, like the Skizzo boss battle at the end, it’s terrible,” he admitted. “But we had to pack everything in the best way we could with the systems we had. Scripting artificial intelligence was really difficult. “

According to the creative director, in the stealth sections they had to maintain the feeling that enemies could shoot at any time, “but we didn’t necessarily want to have a shootout because the players couldn’t kill them ”. Had there been a sequel, some of these things would have changed.

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Tight budgets and other issues

One of the problems Bend Studio had to deal with was a tight budget. Also, the cutscenes and motion captures were done early on, so they weren’t able to alter many narrative elements. “We couldn’t go back and roll again. The beauty of the story is that it is very mixed, so it is impossible to cut. It exemplifies a section with Boozer that wasn’t funny, so they thought to strip it down to the bare minimum.

“However, we had to connect the dots with the story material”, but without going out of line. “Having a story like this is a blessing and a curse. I hate to paraphrase a line from Donald Rumsfeld: You go to war with the army you have, not the one you want”.

Days Gone was first released on PS4, although it was later adapted for PC as well. The game developed by the creators of Siphon Filter received a patch for PS5, which activates 60 fps on the new generation machine.

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Source | USA Today