The time Prince George ate a live ant after meeting Bear Grylls

One of the television personalities that has been talking about in recent years is Bear Grylls. His survival shows have millions of viewers who are amazed at the eccentricities of this British adventurer. One of them is Prince George of Cambridge.

Grylls recently told Good Morning Britain a nice anecdote with the son of the Dukes of Cambridge. The presenter narrated her meeting with the prince in August 2019 on the Isle of Wight, during the British King’s Cup regatta, where he inadvertently incited him to eat an ant.

Apparently, Carole Middleton, mother of Catherine of Cambridge and grandmother of Jorge, invited Grylls so that the little one, who is a big follower of his show On the Netflix platform, I could meet him in person and it was there that they had the opportunity to make a little getaway.

The anecdote of the ant

“So there we were both chatting and he was down there and as we talked we saw a row of ants between his feet, and I told him ‘Come on, we have to eat one’ and he looked at me with those huge eyes and full of amazement he said ‘Oh yeah?’ … and we ate it, “said Grylls.

British adventurer and host Bear Grylls is famous for his survival shows.  (Photo: Netflix)
British adventurer and host Bear Grylls is famous for his survival shows. (Photo: Netflix)

“It was a privilege to have been able to give the future king his first ant, and as he did so his eyes lit up Like anyone in the wild, he faces and overcomes his fears, so I’m happy for him. He is a little hero ”, added the British presenter.

Grylls went on to tell how he won the race that day and even mentioned Jorge’s feat in his award speech. “And I don’t want to forget about Prince George, today you ate your first ant… It was a great moment. Well done, boy, “commented Grylls in the middle of the event, to the surprise of Catherine of Cambridge and Prince William.