He raffles his truck to pay for cancer treatment and the winner returns it to him

A man from Tabasco, Mexico, starred in a moving story that became viral after being broadcast in the social networks. Juan Manuel Vidales Montero, originally from Huimanguillo, decided to raffle off his truck to pay for his cancer treatment. What he never imagined was that the winner of the draw was going to surprise him with a gesture that would move him to tears.

It turns out that Vidales had been diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer, so he needs to undergo surgery. Lacking money, he had to raffle off his PickUp Chevrolet 400SS Mod/2000. Each raffle ticket had a cost of 199 pesos (almost 10 US dollars), for which there was not only the possibility of winning the truck, but also 20 and 10 thousand pesos of being in second or third place.

On November 26, when it was time to deliver the vehicle to Marco Polo Rodríguez, the winner of the raffle with the number 9197 met with Juan Manuel Vidales Montero to receive the documents for the truck.

“Thank you very much for participating, I thank you very much … to my family, friends and all those who joined, many people donated to me, I thank you very much from my heart, for me this great support was a blessing, thank you for participating, I feel very comfortable, very happy to have life to deliver this award and we will continue fighting for life to move on “Vidales said on that occasion.

However, shortly after receiving the documents, the new winner returned the papers to Vidales, for which he burst into tears and thanked the young man for his gesture.

“Very blessed to have friends like you with such a big heart, thank you very much, from the heart”, he expressed.

The boy’s good deed went viral on social networks, where users congratulated him on his consideration.

The 5-year survival rate indicates the percentage of people who survive at least 5 years after cancer is detected. The term “percentage” means how many people out of 100. The 5-year survival rate for people with stomach cancer is 32%, the website reports. cancer.net.