Keanu Reeves, those two stars from whom he demanded an autograph

The American actor Keanu Reeves revealed some personal anecdotes Thursday evening on the set of the “Late Show”, broadcast on CBS.

We knew he was generous, humble … But we did not know that he preferred apples to oranges. Keanu Reeves unveiled still secret facets of his personality Thursday night in the “Late Show”, broadcast on the American TV channel CBS. The 57-year-old actor, invited by Stephen Colbert, answered fifteen questions, each more unlikely than the last.

The host asked the performer of Neo in “The Matrix” if he had ever asked for autographs from celebrities. Keanu Reeves replied yes, “Lou Reed, but it wasn’t for me”. “He just wrote ‘Lou Reed’ in blue ink.” “At the same time, it would be very disappointing if it weren’t for ‘Lou Reed’,” the host said with a laugh. “I know but he could have said ‘All my wishes’ or ‘Happy Holidays’, I don’t know,” he said before adding that he also had the signature of the comedian George Carlin, passed away in 2008. “It was very funny because he wrote: ‘Dear Keanu, fuck you’,” he recounted, triggering laughter from the spectators. “I always thought he only wrote this for me and then I met someone who told me he wrote the same to him.”

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Keanu Reeves also confessed that the animal that scared him the most was the spider and that he preferred apples to oranges because the mixture with peanut butter was exquisite. Finally, Stephen Colbert asked him five words to describe the rest of his life. “What kind of question is that?” He blurted out. “It’s not a question, it’s a request,” replied the host. “Health, love, friendship, making art, motorcycling”. It doesn’t make five, even in English, but it’s impossible to blame him.

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