The Batman won’t show the hero we all know

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There are many versions of the Dark Knight in the movies, but The Batman will show us something totally different from what we are used to.

When the director Matt Reeves took care of the movie The Batman, He already said that he wanted to make a remote version of what was shown by Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan, Joel Schumacher The Tim Burton. So to play her Bruce Wayne decided to have Robert pattinson, an actor who has taken the character very seriously and whose performance will not leave anyone indifferent.

In a recent interview, Robert pattinson has revealed that at all times he searched in the comics for aspects of the character that had not yet been shown in the cinema:

“I needed to know as much of the character’s history as possible to see what hadn’t really been done. People see Batman as a straightforward heroic character, but in our story he really questions what the nature of a hero is and gives him a lot of different angles. “

It has already been revealed that The Batman will show us the beloved hero of DC Comics in a very dark stage and on the verge of madness. Therefore, all their fears and insecurities will cover them with excessive aggressiveness against criminals.

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What will the movie be about?

The Batman will introduce us to a Bruce Wayne already established as Gotham’s vigilante. Although during the day he acts like a disinterested rich man, at night he fights crime in a brutal way. The police will ask you for help because they cannot solve the murders of some members of the city’s high society. So Batman must prove that he is the best detective in the world by infiltrating the underworld to catch the murderer.

The movie The Batman It will premiere on March 4, 2022. Are you looking forward to seeing it? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section.