Jamie Lynn Responds To Britney: Asks Her To Take Action To Stop Death Threats

First of all, she has sent a message to Britney through that same platform in the hope that he will read it, although it is not clear if he will because a few weeks ago he stopped following her and today he announced that he will take a break from social networks.

In any case, Jamie wanted to assure her once again that she has her full support: “Brit, I am always here for you, you know that behind the scenes I have always been there. But it is exhausting that the conversations we have and the messages we send each other in private do not coincide with what you post on social media. I know you’re going through a lot and I would never downplay it, but I can’t lower myself either. “

Teen Choice Awards 2002 - Show
Jamie Lynn was not that close to Britney Spears 15 years ago, as revealed by the ‘Princess of Pop’ herself.

On the other hand, Jamie has defended both her controversial interview and the memoirs she has recently published to clarify that she is also a Spears and has every right to share the experiences that have marked her, although they often involve one way or another to pop princess.

“I hate breaking the bubble my sister lives in, but my book is not about her,” he stressed. “I started working hard before I was even a teenager, and I have built my career even though I was just someone’s little sister.”



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