Sony announces that it will not attend MWC 2022. What happened?

The Mobile World Congress is the most important event in the telephony sector. Every year the main manufacturers meet to show their novelties, but this year there will be a notable absence: Sony has confirmed that it will not attend MWC 2022.

Already, the last edition of CES 2022, which closed its doors on January 7, gave a glimpse of how bad the panorama of events looks due to the coronavirus and the different variants that have emerged in recent months.

The Electronic Consumer Show suffered a manufacturers leak that caused the largest technology fair, with the permission of the IFA Berlin, it lasted one day less due to the lack of exhibitors. And MWC 2022 could meet the same fate.

Sony will not attend MWC 2022. First major manufacturer to withdraw?

Thus, The Japanese firm has issued a statement informing that it will participate in the Mobile World Congress 2022 but through virtual presentations, since there will be no participation from Sony, which historically has always had one of the largest exhibitors at the fair.

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As they have indicated in the communiqué “ Sony Corporation has made the decision not to have its own booth at MWC 2022. As the world has largely shifted towards digital and online opportunities, Sony Corporation will communicate in ways that can deliver exciting product news. to a wider audience ”.

Even if the manufacturer has not specified the reason for his absence, it is clear that the danger of the coronavirus has been the greatest exponent. In addition, the idea of ​​the manufacturer would be to follow in the footsteps of Samsung and make their own presentations on the sidelines of the telephony fair.

Too It is worth remembering that the situation of Sony’s telephony division continues to be very precarious. The Japanese manufacturer does not lift its head and sales of the firm’s phones are anecdotal. Hopefully it does not end up the same as LG, one of the most emblematic firms in the sector and that had to finally abandon the smartphone market due to the null successes of a division that only made it suffer losses.

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In the case of Sony, its film and music division continues to be the company’s great muscle, in addition to PlayStation, but it is clear that, although it is true that we do not believe that Sony is going to withdraw from the telephony market, due to At least in the short term, his future does not look too clear.