An “incredible” wooden figure from Roman times found during the construction of a rail route in the United Kingdom

A wooden figure from Roman times was discovered during excavations carried out as part of the construction of a railway line of about 240 kilometers, between London and Birmingham, they published British local media. Archaeologists claimed that his State of preservation is “amazing”.

The excavations are included in the construction project for the HS2 route. During their work, archaeologists found the wooden figure in a flooded ditch in Buckingham County. “This is a truly remarkable find that brings us face to face with our past,” said Jim Williams, scientific advisor to the government agency Historic England.

“The carving quality is exquisite and the figure is even more exciting because organic objects from this period rarely survive. “The lack of oxygen in the place where it was helped helped by the fact that its condition has been kept in good shape.

The figure measures 67 centimeters, is carved in only one piece, He is wearing a knee-length robe that appears to be gathered at the waist, he wears what appears to be a hat or hairstyle, and his legs are well defined, although the feet and arms below the elbows have faded.

Mike Pitts, editor of British Archeology, said this is a “fantastic” discovery. “It is really rare to find Roman woodwork in the UK. Even in its fractured and worn state, there is something about the pose of the figure and the dress that says it is probably Roman.”

To confirm the time when it was made, the figure will be subjected to a radiocarbon procedure.

Since the start of construction of the railway route in 2018, more than a thousand archaeologists have worked at at least 60 sites. According to the experts, it is a unique opportunity to shed light on 10,000 years of history.