4 legal scandals that shook European royalty

Prince Andrew and the Epstein Affair

In his youth, the fame of playboy of the third son of the Queen Isabel earned him the nickname “Randy Andy“But today his controversial single life pales next to his current situation. Andrew of York was sued for Virginia Giuffre for having sexually abused her repeatedly when I was only 17 years old. Andrés was a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein y Ghislaine Maxwell, both convicted of sex crimes, and who allegedly introduced Giuffre to the duke.

Andrés’ attorneys tried to get the New York judge handling the case to dismiss Giuffre’s lawsuit to no avail, so the prince could be brought to civil trial to defend himself. As a consequence of the controversial case, Buckingham Palace announced this Thursday that Military titles and boards of trustees will be withdrawn, and a real font ensures that you will no longer be able to use the style of His Royal Highness officially.

It remains to be seen if the prince decides to go to court to try to prove his innocence or to reach a millionaire agreement with Giuffre to close the case definitively.

Sarah Ferguson and Operation News of the World

The duchess of york He has been a “complicated” character for the English royal family in many ways. Their irreverences, their romances, their debts and their statements have made the Windsor more than once, but the greatest of his “sins” is undoubtedly the one that had to do with the newspaper’s undercover operation News of the World in which she was involved.

In 2010, she was exposed by the English newspaper for an operation in which promised to give her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, access in exchange for £ 500,000.

The case was absolutely embarrassing for Fergie: a tabloid reporter, Mazher Mahmood, posed as a millionaire seeking to do business with the Duke of York, y Sarah, captured on video, assured him that in exchange for an electronic transfer for the aforementioned amount, he would bring him closer to the prince, who then worked as a special envoy of the United Kingdom in matters of trade. “This would open up everything you could wish for. I can open all the doors you want, and I’ll do it for you. Go for me and he will see for you… he will multiply you, ”he told the reporter.

When it all came to light, the prince denied “categoricallyAny kind of knowledge about this meeting and Sarah publicly apologized. “I am deeply sorry for the situation and the shame caused. It is true that my financial situation is not good, however that is not justification for a serious lack of judgment and I am very sorry that this has happened ”, he confessed.

After what happened, Fergie sued News Group Newspaper for £ 25m for damages and “loss of business opportunities” caused by the operation by affecting its reputation. Two years later, he raised his claim to £ 40 million, but did not win the case.

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