VIDEO: Helicopters, drones and about 100 people search for a dog that got lost in Australia during a police operation

A large-scale operation involving dozens of volunteers and police officers is underway on the outskirts of the Australian city of Brisbane, to find a missing police dog.

The three-year-old German shepherd named Quizz got separated from his handler while chasing a suspect in a mountainous area near Brisbane on Tuesday, according to the local portal. ABC.

The suspect had abandoned a stolen vehicle and tried to escape through the bushes. The dog chased him into the thick vegetation and has not been seen since.

Quizz is “irreplaceable,” said the dog’s handler, Officer Dan McGreevy, in a video posted by police on Twitter.

McGreevy said he felt Quizz’s leash “slip out of his hands” during the chase. “I did not hear a single sound, it was as if it vanished: no barking, no howling, no screaming from the offender,” he explained.

Queensland Police have been doing their best to find the dog, which local media described as someone very “loved”. Helicopters, drones and around 100 people scoured the bush near Brisbane over the past four days, according to ABC.

“I grew as much as a person with him, as he grew up,” McGreevy said, adding that he is “eternally grateful” for all who are trying to help him locate his friend.

The authorities had offered a reward for any information that helps to find the whereabouts of the animal, but so far the search has not yielded results.

“We will never give up” in search of the dog, insisted Inspector Michael Thiesfield, although he admitted that if Quizz is not found until Sunday afternoon, the police will end the massive search operation.