The arguments of the Colombian government to reject a mayor’s proposal to negotiate with the Clan del Golfo

The high commissioner for peace in Colombia, Juan Camilo Restrepo, rejected the proposal made by the mayor of the Caucasia municipality, Jefferson Sarmiento, who asked to negotiate directly with the Gulf Clan to try to pacify the area in the presence of armed groups and the strong wave of violence.

Specifically, the initiative of the local leader is produced when considering that the state strategy to normalize the territory is resulting “bankruptcy”. “We need stability, that’s why we have to tell them [a las organizaciones ilegales]Come on, please unlink that violence from illegal activity, “he said publicly.

The formal request to the high commissioner was presented on December 26. There the will to form the High Table of Agreements, in order to dialogue with the armed gangs that operate in that region of the department of Antioquia. However, the refusal of the Government of Iván Duque was resounding.

“No agent has authorization”

“We ratify what has been, is and will be the treatment with Organized Armed Groups (GAO)“Restrepo introduced.” There is a first option and that is will be neutralized by the forces legally institutionalized, “he continued.” Secondly, they will be captured, as was the case with alias ‘Otoniel’, and a third option is to activate the path of legality with those members of these groups who voluntarily and individually want to give that step, “he concluded.

With that tone, he stressed that “no local or regional president has authorization from the national government and the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace to carry out dialogue with the Organized Armed Groups or with groups that are illegal.”

However, the mayor of Caucasia remains firm in pointing out that direct dialogue is the only alternative, and remarked that “UN advisers” would favor this position. “I believe that that’s the way out and it is the route to recover the Urabá Antioqueño “, commented the politician.

And he remarked: “I know that, If the Government denies us that request, I will be the guarantor and I will look for the route to achieve peace in the territory, because that is what I was chosen for “.

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