Downing Street apologizes to Elizabeth II for parties during mourning for her husband

In a statement on Friday, Slack he apologized “unreservedly for the anger and pain caused”, saying he took “full responsibility.” Johnson, 57, was not present and was, according to a spokesman, at Checkers, the country residence of British heads of government.

But these new revelations add to the already long list of parties organized in the circles of power during the periods of confinement of the last two years. And they show, according to witnesses quoted by the media, a true culture of drinking in Downing Street.

Moral void

Very weakened in the polls, Johnson He is fighting to retain the reins of his party and government after acknowledging in Parliament on Wednesday that he attended one of these parties during confinement in May 2020.

Rishi Sunak Attends Gurkha Passing Out Parade At ITC Catterick
Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, considered a possible prime ministerial candidate, does not fully support Boris Johnson.

In his defense, he claimed that he thought it was a “work event”, which provoked widespread derision. Several Conservative MPs, some of whom were until recently ardent supporters of the prime minister, joined the opposition in calling for his resignation.

Andrew Bridgen He was the last to present a letter to the committee that manages the Conservative Party parliamentary group, denouncing a “moral vacuum in the heart of the government” and asking for a motion of internal censure against its leader.

If enough of these letters are received, the committee will have to organize a new primary to replace Johnson. And although the majority of his government has supported him, one of the heavyweights, the Minister of Finance Rishi Sunak, considered a possible candidate for prime minister, was much more reserved.

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