Italy: Berlusconi offers himself a page of advertising to his glory in a newspaper just before the presidential election

“Hero of freedom” who “ended the cold war”, “example for all Italians”: ten days before the presidential election in which he is running, Silvio Berlusconi offered himself a dithyrambic page on Thursday glory in The newspaper.

“Who is Silvio Berlusconi”, asked the national daily on Thursday, with, on a black background, a profile photo of the 85-year-old former head of government, looking into the distance smiling with the logo of his party Forza Italia (center- right).

Below, the diary lists 25 qualities of Silvio Berlusconi. A “good and generous” man, “friend of all, enemy of nobody”, “a self-made man, an example for all Italians”, but also “the most appreciated and applauded Western leader (8 minutes) in the ‘history of the US Congress,’ the newspaper lists. He also argues that the billionaire, sentenced in 2013 to one year in prison and six years of ineligibility for tax evasion, is “among the top Italian taxpayers”.

Boasting “the most competent Italian in international politics”, “listened to and appreciated, influential and human”, the advertising page goes crescendo to mention a “hero of freedom”, “the President of the Council who put an end to the Cold War “. Berlusconi has himself in the past given himself the honor of ending the Cold War in 2002 by convincing Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart George W. Bush to open a new era of cooperation during the ‘a NATO summit at the Italian military base in Pratica di Mare, near Rome.

Faced with so many arguments for his glory, the newspaper concludes: “Who else but him? “. Officially, the initiative for this ad is due to a circle of Forza Italia activists over 65, Forza Seniores. But the daily right The newspaper belongs to… the Berlusconi family.

Despite his recent health problems and legal setbacks – he is currently involved in two trials where he is accused of paying witnesses to lie on his “Bunga Bunga” parties – Silvio Berlusconi, eternal returning from Italian politics , dreams of winning the presidential election on January 24. While the mystery still hangs over the possible candidacy of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, given favorite, Silvio Berlusconi wanted the latter to remain in his post rather than enter the Quirinal.