An Argentine reporter faints in full live broadcast amid the heat wave that hits the country (VIDEO)

In the midst of the heat wave that hits Argentina, Carlos Ferrara, a reporter for a local newscast, broke down and fainted in full live broadcast, while reporting this Thursday from outside a covid-19 diagnostic center in downtown Buenos Aires.

During the link, Ferrara reported on the reduction in the number of people seeking tests. Describing the intense heat he felt in line, despite being in the shade, his breathing became difficult.

Moments before concluding the report, while he was out of frame, the journalist began to apologize for no apparent reason. “Sorry, Claudio. Sorry, Claudio, sorry,” he told Claudio Pérez, the host of the newscast, before falling unconscious to the floor.

According reported Pérez minutes later, his partner was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he recovered from the collapse and underwent a series of tests to rule out complications.

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Although it is not clear all the reasons that caused the communicator to decompensate, it is suspected that the intense mid-day heat, which reached 31 ° C, could be one of the main causes.