This is how Robert Downey Jr reacted the first time he saw Chris Hemsworth

The most important actors of Marvel Studios got together for the first time when they filmed The Avengers (2012) and Robert Downey Jr hallucinated with Chris Hemsworth.

Although they have always shown very good harmony between the great actors of Marvel Studios, the first time the original Avengers met, the actor Robert Downey Jr who played Tony Stark / Iron Man, he had a very genuine reaction from his own character upon meeting Chris Hemsworth, who continues to play Thor.

As explained by the actor Jeremy Renner (Hawk Eye), Robert Downey Jr joked saying that Chris Hemsworth he was too handsome and good to be true.

“If you ever played sports, it was like joining a new team. I met Robert Downey Jr., I met Scarlett Johansson, I just didn’t meet Chris Hemsworth. It’s amazing, but we didn’t know, did we? On the first day, we are all waiting in our costumes. It seems to be Halloween. We are excited but we still feel ridiculous. I feel like we all knew each other in some way, except for this Hemsworth guy, because he comes from Australia. And he is the tallest, the most handsome… Downey said: We have to break his knee. We have to get it out. This guy is too handsome. He’s too tall, he’s too charming, fuck this guy.

The funny thing is that Jeremy Renner participated in the movie Thor (2011) as Hawk Eye, so in theory he should be the first to meet him. Apart from the fact that the first event in which everyone agreed was the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, so that Robert Downey Jr had time to accept the physique of Chris Hemsworth.

Thor will return to the movies.

While Robert Downey Jr said goodbye to Iron Man after the events of Avengers: Endgame, the actor Chris Hemsworth will play the God of Thunder from Marvel Studios in the film Thor: Love and Thunder which will be released on July 8, 2022. In addition, it should not be ruled out that he will continue with the character in the coming years.

All the films in which they have participated Robert Downey Jr Y Chris Hemsworth can be seen in the Disney Plus streaming platform.