Anabel Hernández’s resounding response to Andrés García

Garcia reported that it would take legal action against Hernández, but in his message he also insulted the journalist in various ways, to whom he wanted to clarify that, although he knows more than one drug trafficker, that does not mean that he has made money at the expense of those relationships.

“I have to answer a journalist, cretin and creepy disc who has started saying things that are not true and that she is going to have to verify why I am going to sue her. My job is to be nice and answer the public, whoever they are. I’m not going to ask myself: ‘Hey, what do you do?’ “said Andrés on YouTube.

In the post Emma and the other narco ladies, Anabel assured that the actor received the capos in his house and that he had ties with the Beltran Leyva, to such a degree of having parties with them at an address in Pie de la Cuesta, Acapulco. In interview for The EighthThe author said she was surprised by Garcia’s reaction.

Yes, I must say that some other reactions are surprising, such as that of Mr. Andrés García, let’s say that there he already enters a point where yes, there is an abnormality, an anomaly in this way in which the actor reacts. First of all, I must absolutely ratify myself

Anabel Hernández, author

Hernández was clear in saying that “I support each of the words and lines that I wrote about Andrés García, there is no doubt what I wrote; not only because the witness of the events saw it, but because the actor himself, After the book was published, he gave several interviews in which he said, ‘Yes, it’s true.’

Anabel echoed that Andrés accepted that “I knew them all, they were my friends, and described them, according to their experience; ‘that they were good people, who sometimes help you.’ People can see it, there are their words, even some of those phrases were exposed in the presentation of the book there in Guadalajara “.



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