They met arguing on Facebook and now they have a daughter: know the story of Edes and Raylane

A love story again shook the social networks. We refer to the case of the couple formed by Eder Nogueira and Raylane Vanzella, who met during a discussion in Facebook and they overcame cultural differences to share a life. As part of their sentimental bond, they both had a girl and here we tell you all the details.

In 2015, a BBC report on a violent attack in the capital of Mali (Africa) sparked thousands of comments on Facebook. Among the reactions were the opinions of Edes Nogueira, who was writing from France, and Raylane Vanzella, a woman from the Brazilian state of Mato Gross.

From this cyber fight, the young people began to chat and met the love of their life. He was 21 years old and had just returned from a military mission; while she, 23, was studying to enter medical school.

“It was a stressful time, but if I hadn’t made that comment, I never would have had a chance to find her. It would never have crossed my mind to go to Mato Grosso. The love of your life can be found in the Facebook comments ”, Edes remembered.

After two months, the military man decided to leave for Latin America to meet his beloved in person and celebrate the New Year with his family. This meeting allowed both to start a romantic relationship. Therefore, they took a vacation in Paraná and weeks later announced the engagement.

“People need to speak more calmly on social media. Be open, don’t think you know everything. I think we come together because we behave like this ”, Raylane Vanzella told the BBC.

After falling madly in love, Eder Nogueira and Raylane Vanzella had little Cecilia in France. A year later (2019), they returned to Brazil to begin a new family stage. “It was a bad that came in handy. Had she not been affected, she would not have appeared in my life “the man confessed.

“Love is the supreme feeling that a person can experience towards someone. Loving is not just about affinity or chemistry between two people, love is feeling respect, connection and freedom when being together with another person. Love is a non-material, spiritual union ”, as detailed by the portal.