Microsoft will finally modernize the volume indicator in Windows 11

It is a fact that Microsoft has passed many features of Windows 10 to its new operating system. In fact, even the design is very similar in some parts, especially in the indicators that set the brightness and audio level of the terminal. This has not changed, but we may soon see a change in the Windows 11 interface on the prompts.

So are the new Windows 11 indicators

The interface of an operating system is one of the keys to the success of the software. Obviously, a good optimization makes it a comfortable and pleasant software to use, but you also have to look good. And this is a part where Microsoft has yet to put some effort into Windows 11, but it seems to be on the right track. And it is that the firm is already making its changes to transition to an aspect increasingly unique and independent from what has been seen in the past.

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And it is that in the next versions we will see that Windows 11 will have a new volume indicator completely renewed. Until now we saw in the upper left part the indicator that marked the level of luminosity, something that had been in operation since the times of Windows 10. But it is necessary to make significant changes in the operating system and Microsoft will place this new meter in the lower central part.

As we can see in the image that puts ArsTechnica, the new indicator will maintain aesthetics with the beveled edges and semi-transparent to the outside. In addition, the location resembles the design it proposes, placing more emphasis on the lower central part of the screen where, by default, we find the toolbar.

Other details of the new version of Windows 11

The medium points out that the new software brings more news with it, although they are small details. In addition to the new volume level, the other new features that will be integrated will be the Installed Applications section, which is renamed each time you press Windows + X or the Clock application can be uninstalled. These improvements will arrive throughout the year, although we will have to wait a long time for them to arrive.