The comment on the weight of Adamari López that divides opinions

“I understood your comment, it is that of a friend with affection and good vibes. Do not pay attention to so many extremist people,” commented a fan when realizing the countless criticisms he received. “It is an expression, I have also said it when someone he loses a lot of weight, but here the comments are lived very intensely “, another person came to his defense.

López and Sandarti worked together for two years on the Telemundo morning show A new day, where a great friendship emerged between the two that lasts to this day, as evidenced by the emotional reunion they starred in at the end of last year at Adamari’s house.

Recently in an interview, Adamari Lopez He revealed details about his process to improve physical and health status, since he recently updated on his social networks that he managed to lose 15 kilos and how this has given a new impetus to his life.

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During that interview, Adamari assured that one of her great motivations to lose weight was her daughter Alïa, because her desire was to want to be healthier and to have a better quality of life with her, because when she wanted to play with her daughter she always ended very tired and even on many occasions did not play with her for the same reason.

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