Europe opens with falls close to 1% for the EuroStoxx, with investors pending from Lagarde

The second week of the year has passed with certain normality at the macro level, with the inflation data revealed this Wednesday in the US in the center of focus. However, despite the fact that Europe was on track to continue rising, this Friday there is a downward turn in European stock markets, following in the wake of yesterday’s Wall Street. And it is that, yesterday, several officials of the Federal Reserve of the United States pointed to increases in interest rates in March, to fight against an inflation that is eroding the value of the recent wage gains of workers and putting monetary policy makers in the spotlight.

With this, this morning Europe opens with falls close to 1% in the case of the Euro Stoxx, with investors pending the speech of the President of the ECB, Christine Madeleine Lagarde, at 2 pm (Spanish time). Specifically, the DAX yields 0.86% to 15,893.85 points, the London FTSE falls 0.46% to 7,528.74, the Ibex 35 0.45% is left at 8,774 points, the CAC 40 French subtracts 0.96% to 7,131.93 and the italian bag it loses 0.84% ​​in the 27,610.00. For its part, the EURO STOXX 50 cut 0.97% to 4,275.85 points.

Before the market was opened, the data of the UK GDP. The British economy grew 0.9% in November compared to the previous month. The October data had shown a growth of 0.1%; a Reuters poll of analysts had forecast monthly GDP to grow 0.4%.

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On the other hand, the British industrial production it rose 1.0% in November, on a monthly basis, according to data released by the National Statistics Office on Friday; a Reuters poll of analysts had forecast the figure to rise 0.2% in November.

As the Financial Times points out, Brussels is willing to withhold $ 100 million destined for Poland to cover the cost of unpaid fines imposed by the high European court of justice. Didier Reynders told the Financial Times that the commission will send a letter to Warsaw demanding the payment of 69 million euros in accumulated daily fines between the beginning of November and the beginning of this week. If Poland within a 60-day period, the commission will not withhold fines from EU payments that must be disbursed to the country, with interest payments to be imposed in addition, he said.

The euro This week it has recovered a lot of ground against the dollar. In fact, he is on track to sign his best week against the greenback since May. At the beginning of the session on Friday, the community currency noted more than 1% to the area of ​​1,147 dollars, highs in mid-November.

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Wall Street closed yesterday in the red: the DOW JONES Ind Average ended the day with a 0.49% subtraction at 36,113.62 points, the S&P 500 dropped 1.42% at 4,659.02 and the NASDAQ 100 lost a bulky 2.57% in the 15,495.62 points. Right now, the futures of the main American indices are listed in green with increases of 0.18% for the Dow Jones, 0.20% for the S & P500 and 0.25% for the Nasdaq.

Today begins the season of results that will close the year on Wall Street. Wells Fargo, Citi and JP Morgan will unofficially open the presentation of the accounts for the last quarter of 2021, in which analysts expect a final push from the strong growth that they have already sold taking place over the last few quarters. Looking to 2021 as a whole, experts expect an annual EPS improvement of 50% for the S&P 500 compared to 2020, reaching profit levels never seen before in history.

The asian bags They suffered a setback after a fresh salvo of comments from the Federal Reserve reinforced expectations that US interest rates could rise as early as March, as markets braced for tighter monetary conditions. Specifically, the Nikkei cuts 1.28% in the 28,124.28 points, the shanghai compound 0.96% is left at 3,521.26 integers and the only one of the benchmark indices that rises in China is the SZSE Component, which advances 0.03%. The Hang Seng cuts 0.31% and Kospi from Seoul loses 1.36%.

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The exports and imports from China in December they grew at a slower pace than in December, when the world’s second-largest economy showed signs of slowing down, although exports were just above expectations, driven by continued strong global demand

The oil prices They were down for the second consecutive session on growing concern that Washington may act soon to contain prices, while movement controls in China to curb a COVID-19 outbreak weighed on demand for fuel. Right now, Brent futures are trading 0.21% higher at $ 84.65, while West Texas is up 0.05% at $ 82.16.

China agreed with the United States at the end of last year release crude from its national strategic reserves around the Lunar New Year holidays, which begin on February 1, as part of a plan launched by Washington to lower world oil prices, sources told Reuters.