Flor Rubio and Pepillo Origel: the story of “La Oreja” that ended up in court

Juan Jose Origel is a recognized actor and show host in the mexican television for his participation in the small screen. One of his most popular works was on the show “La oreja”, where he shared the set with great journalists such as Verónica Gallardo and Flor Rubio.

From 2002 to 2009, Origel was part of the program that sought to compete with “Selling” And although everything seemed to be going from strength to strength, over time a video was revealed that ended the good relationship that the drivers claimed to have.

The content of the audiovisual material that uncovered the scandal between Flor Rubio and Pepillo Origel It was so serious that it ended up in court, giving this January 13 a favorable result for one of the parties.

Juan José Origel is a Mexican presenter, journalist, actor, singer and producer (Photo: Pepillo Origel / Instagram)
Juan José Origel is a Mexican presenter, journalist, actor, singer and producer (Photo: Pepillo Origel / Instagram)


The story goes back to 2016, when a video was released in which Juan Jose Origel he emits misogynistic insults towards the journalist Flor Rubio, where he affirms that she was related to important men to advance her career.

After hearing what his colleague said, Rubio expressed in his radio program that he could not believe that someone he was following was able to refer to her like that and defame her. For that reason, he decided to sue Origel, accusing him of moral damage.


Rubió revealed that he learned of the scandal one afternoon when he was taking care of his mother, but it was not until midnight that he began to receive many messages and noticed the magnitude of the problem. This event made her the victim of criticism and all kinds of negative comments:

“You You don’t know how many insults I received. The publication was close to Mother’s Day. The wave of insults, of ridicule, of ‘now I understand why you are where you are’. It was overwhelming and it became a battle for me. “

Feeling all the attack from netizens, he knew that he could not sit idly by and decided to file a lawsuit, not as part of revenge, but as the shape “Correct to raise your hand and say ‘this should not be done'”. This is how he put an appeal, since the publication of the audio violated his privacy.

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In 2017, the former colleagues saw each other after time in the courts and in the first civil instance the ruling benefited Flor Rubio. Two years later, the journalist’s lawsuit reached the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, which finally granted him the final ruling.

“For my children and for the women of this country who come after me and who can be equally violated, I think this will set a precedent so that it does not continue to occur”, expressed the journalist.


The driver has not spoken about the issue on his social networks or given interviews. The latest that is known about him are the motivational posts he has made on his Instagram and Twitter accounts, where he accumulates more than 700 thousand followers.

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