La Bebeshita and Aristeo Cázares: what happened when Daniela Alexis declared her love for the Exatlón México champion

Daniela alexis, better known as ‘La Bebeshita’, is a Mexican personality known for being an influencer and television host. Due to his stunning figure and charisma, he has accumulated more than 20.6 million followers on his Instagram account, in addition to another 4 million on his TikTok profile.

During the last year, he participated in the reality show “MasterChef Celebrity” where he met the champion of Exatlon Mexico, Aristeo Cázares, and apparently fell in love. The young people seemed to have chemistry in front of the cameras, which was perceived by more than one person. This is how they agreed again on “Come the Weekend Joy”, eventually forming a friendship that was confused by one of the parties.

The former participant of “Falling in love” She thought she had a chance with the athlete and decided to declare her love for him, but she didn’t count on him rejecting her without mincing words. Know all the details, in the following lines.

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Because Cázares was considered to participate in “Exatlón All Stars”, which means you will travel to Dominican Republic Before January 31, Daniela Alexis decided to say goodbye to him personally. In this way, he contacted some mariachis to serenade him and shout from the rooftops his love, without imagining that it would not be reciprocated.

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As it was portrayed on his channel YouTube, the young woman went to Aristeo’s house with the musicians but he did not like the idea. As much as she tried to hug him on different occasions and revealed her love to him, the ‘Bebeshita’ did not get a positive response and when she believed that with a kiss she could solve things, the athlete left her with her mouth closed.

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Daniela Alexis was determined to steal a kiss from him, but this was faster and with the microphone he avoided her for a few moments, until she had no choice but to tell him her truth: “I’m dating someone and I can’t kiss anyone”. Shocked, the driver dismisses the mariachis and cannot help but come to tears.

“Is it net, are you hitting me?“He asks, to which he responds “I love you very much, but I can’t kiss you.”

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Despite being rejected, the ‘Bebeshita’ commented on previous occasions that the affection she felt for Cázares was reciprocated, although the young man’s attitude changed when the cameras were turned on. But nevertheless, “The Aguileón“He has denied those statements, putting limits on his employment relationship for a few weeks.

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