“The paper house”: what is a storm pond and where is the one from the Netflix series really

What is the location of the storm pond of “The Money Heist“? Season 5 had this location as one of the most key in the entire history of the Netflix series. However, few know what it consists of and where the real one is. Despite the fact that part 2 of the closing of the fiction has already been released, the followers of the story of The Professor (Álvaro Morte), Tokio (Úrsula Corberó), Berlin (Pedro Alonso), among other great characters, continue to remember the most emblematic moments of television production.

The creation of Alex Pina It also had its dramatic moment, but at the beginning, because it seemed that it would end up being a more lost bet in the small screen. Although his debut was not a failure, on May 2, 2017 in Spain, did not achieve the impact that was expected or that it had later.

It was only when it was bought by Netflix and included in its catalog that began to attract the attention of the public. Faced with this rebirth, they confirmed new chapters Y “The Money Heist“He got his new chance again.

In this way, it was consolidated as one of the most viewed series of the streaming platform, with a total of 41 episodes in five seasons. It generated various comments for its continuation, but the truth is that it became a worldwide phenomenon that has reached popular culture with its characters and clothing: the dali mask is the great example.

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Álvaro Morte with part of the cast of "La casa de papel".  (Photo: Netflix)
Álvaro Morte with part of the cast of “La casa de papel”. (Photo: Netflix)


In “The Money Heist”, The successful serie de Netflix, explains what a storm pond consists of: it is the place where residual water is stored during rains or when the sewage network is not enough. It works as an underground tank of a considerable size to later transport the excess water.

In the Alex Pina’s story, the storm pond is located on the golf course of the Club de Campo Villa de Madrid. In Spanish fiction it is known as Los Migueles, but it’s actually named after Arroyofresno storm pond. It has been active since 2009 and has two concrete plants.

As seen in the latter part of Season 5, the Storm Pond not only fulfills the initial role of being the hideout and operations center of the Teacher, but also plays a key role in the robbery of the National Gold Reserve of the Bank of Spain.


The little mistake in “The Money Heist”, Which was detected by few fans, especially Spaniards, was the facade of the Bank of Spain, the nerve center of the last part of the serie de Netflix. What was seen on the screen, however, was the building of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda located in Madrid.

This detail was highlighted, especially, by the fans of that country, who saw the illusion of the fiction thinking that the action was developed by the aforementioned bank.

They also noticed that, in one scene, the station of the metroBank of Spain“, When the real location says”New Ministries”. This detail has caught the attention of the public of the television production in other parts of the world, who will be attentive when they visit Spain in search of the places that were shown in “La casa de papel”.

The real facade of the Bank of Spain outside the fiction "La casa de papel".  (Photo: AFP)
The real facade of the Bank of Spain outside the fiction “La casa de papel”. (Photo: AFP)


In the episode titled “What is spoken in bed”, you see the police take control of the Bank of Spain, causing ‘The Professor’ to surrender and leave Alicia in front; But before heading to the place where Rio and the rest were, the man gives the ex-police a hug and hands her a note, as a favor.

When they locate the gold, some vehicles with armed people appear, from where the ex-wife of Berlin and Rafael descend; Seeing this, Alice asks: “You are the nephew right? This is for youand proceeds to give him the note. When they see the paper, they all lower their weapons and let them run away with the gold, but before the scene ends, Tamayo and Rafael are observed talking about it, while the nephew of ‘The Professor’ points out that it is a family matter and who will give you your share.

As it is remembered, ‘The Professor’ and Berlin always made it clear that the most important thing is the family, and this message only proves it.

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Alex Pina, creator of “La casa de papel”, said that there is a possibility that the Netflix series will have a spin-off, because the characters They have been written to have more adventures to tell after the main plot.

“We have a lot of possibilities to do a spin-off, yes, and I think it’s thanks to the strong and powerful identities of the characters. We have always wanted the characters to have a very complex and layered design. So almost all the characters have a duality that we would like to see in a spin-off. We could see any of them in other contexts “, said to Oprah Daily.

This idea of ​​Pina, of course, is not a official confirmation that the universe of “The paper house” continues to expand in future productions. TO Esquire He said that it is possible as well as the fact that there is none. At the moment, there is still nothing concrete in that regard.

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