A former prisoner who sexually assaulted an inmate is sentenced to rejoin the Army or be held in the jail where he worked

A former prison guard from Kentucky (USA), who had been convicted of sexually assaulting an inmate, was sentenced by a judge to rejoin the Army or to serve a sentence in the same jail where he worked.

Brandon Scott Price, 28, US Army veteran and former jailer, was convicted of a second degree sexual assault, perpetrated while working at the Franklin County Regional Jail, in January 2019.

Last Friday, Judge Thomas Wingate sentenced him to 12 months in prison, suspended for two years, but pointed out that the defendant could avoid jail if he enlisted in the Army within a month, according The State Journal.

“If you don’t enlist within 30 days, you can report to the Franklin County Regional Jail.”Wingate stated in the ex-jailer’s sentencing. “You’re under pressure, young man. You have to.”

The assault took place when Price was taking an inmate back to jail, after receiving medical treatment at a hospital. The woman indicated that on the way back, Price went off the road and forced her to perform oral sex on him while she was chained to the back of the truck.

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The veteran told authorities that the accusations were false, and that he only “made a stupid mistake” by allowing an inmate to “inappropriately touch” you. He was later detained when the woman filed a civil lawsuit against the county, Price and other jail employees.

Price’s attorney, Whitney Lawson, He said Insider that the defendant previously served in the Army, which played a role in terms of probation terms. “It is not uncommon for judges to set unique conditions like this, depending on the defendant in front of them, and create conditions that help them stay on the right track, “said Lawson.” Only in this case there was the military element. “

However, an Army spokesman, Matt Leonard, declared in a statement that “any applicant who has received a conviction for a sexual offense not eligible for enlistment or appointment. Exceptions are not allowed. “