“Shameless”: explained ending of the Netflix movie

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. Based on the novel by Nora Roberts, “Impúdica”(“ Brazen ”in its original language) is a Netflix film directed by Monika Mitchell and starring Alyssa Milano, Sam Page and Emilie Ullerup. The film follows Grace Miller, a famous mystery novel writer and crime expert, who must use everything she knows to uncover her sister’s killer.

The first suspect is Jonathan Breezewood, Kathleen’s ex-husband, since, after recovering from his addiction, she planned to fight for custody of her son and had proof that her ex-partner was committing fraud.

However, when it is revealed that Grace’s sister, in addition to a teacher at a local high school, was a dominatrix on an adult website known as Fantasy, Inc., more suspects appear. So who murdered Kathleen?

Grace interrogating the third victim of the dominatrix's killer (Photo: Impúdica / Netflix)
Grace interrogating the third victim of the dominatrix’s killer (Photo: Impúdica / Netflix)


The night of her sister’s murder, Grace dated homicide detective Ed Jennings, so he takes over the case despite being on vacation. Due to his experience with the books he writes, Miller requests to join the investigation and at his suggestion Jerald, a student, reaches out to the school’s janitor, Billy.

Later, there are two new attacks similar to Kathleen’s. Although the second dominatrix also dies, the third survives after confronting and injuring the killer. Due to his description and other incidents, the police detain Rand, another student, however, his blood or the imprint of his shoe matches that of the perpetrator.

Ed and Grace continue their investigation, but they have no more traces to follow, so the writer suggests pretending to be the new ‘Desiree’, the name her sister used on the adult web, to catch the culprit. However, the killer does not appear. In fact, the police give up on the plan and leave Miller’s house.

Meanwhile, Rand accuses Jerald of being obsessed with the teacher. In response, the latter beats him up and sends him to the hospital. The police interrogate the victim and confirm that Jerald is the murderer, but when they go to his house to arrest him they cannot find him.

Jerald is at Grace’s house, who confronts the killer and gets him to confess his crimes. The student tries to kill the writer, but Ed arrives in time to prevent it. “Impúdica“Ends with Grace and Ed rejoining their relationship.

Ed and Grace formed a great investigation team and started a relationship at the end of "Impúdica" (Photo: Netflix)
Ed and Grace formed a great investigation team and started a relationship at the end of “Impúdica” (Photo: Netflix)


As Grace indicates in her conversation with Jerald, he saw in Kathleen the maternal and authority figure he did not have at home and when he discovered the truth about her he decided to murder her. In fact, he planned to kill mother and pretend to be a victim.

After Jerald’s death, the camera shows a branch of Lilies, which is a reference to what Grace mentions at a funeral for her sister: those plants symbolizing innocence has been returned to the deceased.

Jerald revealing his motives for murdering Grace
Jerald revealing his motives for murdering Grace’s sister in “Shameless” (Photo: Netflix)
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