Elon Musk shows a tower from which to launch and collect rockets

The race to conquer space is at a very interesting moment with the number of projects that are coming out. It is in the house of the South African inventor Elon Musk where they are more advanced, where they are looking for a way to make their rockets reusable as much as possible. Here are all your efforts and now Musk has shown an imposing tower from which you can launch and collect rockets.

A tower that collects rockets

The space program is not only focused on the goal of taking the human race beyond the stars. Reaching Mars is a priority, but the truth is that with the amount of resources that are spent it is enormous and it is no longer just a matter of using the best materials, but of knowing how to make the most of them for new expeditions to space.

This is important at the recycling level now that it is so fashionable and it seems that Elon Musk has found the solution. In the tweet that we leave you in this article we leave you the tweet of the South African inventor, which has been baptized as Mechazilla. It is a truly imposing structure, of 122 meters high and it has mechanical arms that grasp the returning rocket to guide it back to the landing zone and retrieve it.

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The idea is that this part guides the thruster in its first phase and then is able to pick it up. At the moment it is estimated that the Super Heavy and Starship ships will use this launch system, although there have not yet been tests to verify the operation of the platform and its behavior in a real situation.

Several towers placed in locations close to the sea

One of the important requirements of Elon Musk’s new tower is the location where you will place them. It turns out that SpaceX is thinking of placing them in some locations near the sea. The reason is clear and is that in case the landing is not correct, the rocket will have to fall in a place where it does not cause too much damage and collect it later as it did with the tests of the Falcon 9 on the offshore platforms.

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