Wordle: what it is, how to play and tricks for the free daily game

The Internet is full of free and accessible programs for everyone. Some are so important that you almost have to access them, while others are entertainment apps that can help you hang out. In fact, there are some that have become so famous in such a short time that they have remained in the memory of many. This is something that seems to happen to Wordle, the new free daily game that already triumphs in 2022.

What is Wordle?

There are not a few fans of board games, the kind you share with friends to hang out and laugh for a while. Fortunately, there are also digital versions of these, which have brought us closer to our friends during the pandemic. And it was precisely this time that Josh Wardle took advantage of to create Wordle.

This engineer took advantage of the pandemic to create a game with which his partner was entertained. In the end, he found the key and created a game in which he had to guess a five-letter word but meeting a series of requirements that we are going to comment on below

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But of course, the lord Wardle created this game in English, something that may not be suitable for all users due to language issues. But don’t despair if you’re wondering how to play wordle in spanish we leave you the link to the Spanish version which has been adapted by Colombian developer Daniel Rodríguez.

How do you play Wordle?

We have already told you a little about the history of this new game that is revolutionizing the Internet world. And the thing is that users like challenges, whatever they are as long as they can demonstrate their skills. In this case, Wordle will test your wits as well as your mettle. But let’s take a look at how to play Wordle and what you need.

The first thing you should know is that you only need a computer or smartphone with an integrated Internet browser. Yes, only that as far as requirements are concerned, but you still have to enter their website, which is simple and has neither advertising nor registration as a user. There’s only one goal: guess the five-letter word you have every day

wordle final

How to play forming words?

As we have told you before, Wordle is played by putting words together. You only need five to build the hidden word you have to figure out. For this you have six attempts, but you will have the help of the game to get ahead. Do you remember the game Mastermind? Well, it works in a similar way. If not, these are the steps:

  • Write a letter for each of the five holes
  • Hit enter to reveal the result

Here four things can happen inside each box divided by color, which can change if you activate the colorblind mode:

  • White: put a letter
  • Gray: the letter is not in the word
  • Yellow: the letter is in the word, but not in place
  • Green: the letter is correctly placed

Like is logic, if you get all the squares to turn green you will have a sheet with the result like the one we leave you in this article. This is what everyone is sharing on Twitter, showing that they have surpassed the word of the day and in the fewest possible attempts. This is the one we have made. How many attempts have you used today?