“The island of temptations” 4: what happened at the end with each of the couples

After several weeks separated in different villas and with singles trying to tempt them, the leading couples of the fourth season of “The island of temptations”They met at the stake of the eleventh installment to evaluate their relationships and make a decision about it.

The couples made up of Zoe and Josué, Nico and Gal·la, Rosario and Álvaro, and Alejandro and Tania had to show that their love was stronger than any temptation, but most did not manage to avoid singles, even those who seemed more united . In fact, the couple that no one believed in was the one who endured it all.


1. Josué and Zoe

Josué and Zoe They have been together since “Women and Men” and after a difficult start, marked by jealousy and betrayal, they reached “The island of temptations“To test their love, and despite everything that happened in reality, they decided to stay together.

After complaints and explanations, before Sandra Barneda’s question, Josué replied: “I take it home“And Zoe indicated:”Love is not only happiness, but also growing together “.

2. Alejandro and Tania

After two years of relationship, Alejandro and Tania decided to put their love to the test in the fourth season of the popular reality show Telecinco. Although they assured that their partner is absolutely perfect and that there is nothing or no one who can with them, the games with the tempting and the hurtful comments ended their love.

When it came time to decide, Alejandro replied that his heart “It is hers and he wanted to leave with her. Please come with me, please, I beg of you”. However, Tania replied: “I have to be honest with myself and I need to go alone. That I go with you or alone does not change anything. Respect my decision”.

3. Nico and Gal·La

Nico and Gal·la joined the fourth edition of “The island of temptations“To know if they are really made for each other and finally leave the mistakes of the past behind. But instead they repeated the same mistakes, betrayed and hurt themselves.

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In the end, Gal·la ended her relationship with Nico and left with Miguel, while the footballer chose to go alone: ​​“Miriam has been the most special girl I have ever met in the village but I am not prepared to continue knowing her. First I have to love myself well and I don’t want to be selfish ”.

4. Rosario and Álvaro

The meeting of Rosario Cerdán and Álvaro Boix It was one of the most intense, for everything they did in the villas and what they said to each other at the stake. After seeing the images of their cheating and claiming each other, they decided that it was best to end their relationship.

Álvaro left alone, but Rosario preferred to go with Suso. “I feel liberated. I have met a person who is helping me to be who I want to be, he makes me happy, I feel comfortable. I want to go with Suso”, He explained.