“A Family of Ten”: why Mariana Boots did not want to act in the Televisa series

Mariana Botas did not want to be in “A Family of Ten”? That is one of the questions that have resulted from the latest statements that the Mexican actress has given about her passage through the series of Televisa which has positioned itself as one of the most watched comedy shows on the television grid and now online.

The Program has generated recent comments because, at the end of its season 7, they have suffered the departure of actors from the cast. In this way, it was announced that Daniela Luján and Ricardo Margaleff, who gave life to Gaby and Plutarco on the show, they would no longer be part of the next seasons

The season 9 and 10In this way, they will have a great absence, although the expectation is that it will continue to add followers because the figures of its most recent installment were the best numbers that television could expect.

At the end season 7 of “A Family of Ten” a total of 2.5 million viewers tuning in to the latest episodes. In addition, it dominated the trend of Mexico’s Twitter in its final broadcast. That is why the program continues to generate comments, such as recent statements by Mariana Boots.

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Mariana Botas has had a prolific career that began at a young age.  (Photo: Mariana Botas / Instagram)
Mariana Botas has had a prolific career that began at a young age. (Photo: Mariana Botas / Instagram)


Mariana Boots commented that, at first, he did not want to be part of “A Family of Ten” because he felt good about his life in high school, after having made a break in his life as child actress. However, he realized that it was a great opportunity for his career.

“I was firm in my decision not to drop out of high school. They give me the script and when I read it I said: I think I am going to have to drop out of school. I was very happy to be a normal girl, I went to school every day and they made no exceptions. It took me a lot of work to get out because I was living an incredible stage in my life. I did suffer for leaving high school “, commented on the YouTube channel “Envinadas”.

In this way, he was able to give life to “Martina”And resume her acting career that began at a very young age. It started at age 5 in “Miss Chiquitita” from Mr. Francisco. Later he was part of “A light on the road”On Televisa, in 1998. At age 17 he returned to television with“A family of ten”.


Daniela luján said goodbye to “A family of ten”, Where he played for 14 years’Gabriela del Valle de López‘, better known as “Gaby,” in its seventh season. The Mexican actress left this popular series to start a new project in her career.

Through her social networks, Daniela Luján announced that she is filming the movie ‘Para toda la vida’, a romantic comedy that will be released next year and is directed by René Bueno

“I think I did choose my job well … I have a booombaaa haha ​​She is Luz # coming soon @ paratodalavidamovie”The Mexican actress wrote in the publication on her Instagram account, where she attached some photos in which you can see that she left the image of “Gaby” behind.

In the images we can see that Daniela Luján wearing her blonde hair, like her iconic character from “A Family of Ten”, but her clothes and attitude are very different.

Her friends and two of the members of ‘Una Familia de Diez’, Mariana Botas and Jessica Segura, reacted to this publication and left some comments where they assured that they miss her a lot.


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