“Shark Tank”: why the shark Marcus Dantus didn’t want to be on the show

Shark Tank is a Mexican program that encourages new entrepreneurs. Produced by Sony, the show shows diverse talents present their most innovative ideas, while they are evaluated by a recognized group of entrepreneurs whom they call ‘sharks‘, referring to his agility and vision in the business world.

When one of the entrepreneurs manages to convince a member of the jury with his product, then they make proposals to be part of the business. This is how they decide to make an investment, after reaching a joint agreement.

The sharks that make up the panel of entrepreneurs are Arturo Elías Ayub, son-in-law of Carlos Slim (the richest man in Mexico); the deputy Patricia Armendariz; Rodrigo herrera, owner of GenommaLab; Carlos Bremer, one of the most successful people from Monterrey at the moment, and Marcus dantus, among others.

"Shark Tank" is an entrepreneurship and business reality show that gives its participants the opportunity to present investment projects (Photo: Sony Channel)
“Shark Tank” is an entrepreneurship and business reality show that gives its participants the opportunity to present investment projects (Photo: Sony Channel)


In an interview with the youtuber Roberto Martinez, Dantus told more details about his admission to “Shark Tank”. There he revealed how he was contacted by the show’s producer Kirén Miret, who invited him to join their luxury panel, although at first he was not convinced to accept their offer:

“The truth is that I said no at first, because it didn’t beat me much, firstly because I’m not an entrepreneur like these big businessmen who are in the program, a Carlos Bremer, an Arturo Elías, Rodrigo Herrera, they are friends with a lot of more wool ”.

Marcus also noted that he had known some of the sharks long before they were famous: “I had come across Carlos Bremer playing poker precisely on a cruise ship, Arturo Elías was with me in elementary school, and Rodrigo was with me at TEC, in high school, but I hadn’t seen them until I entered the program.”


Although he was not convinced at first, when he began to investigate the program, he could not help but feel that he must be one of them: “The truth is incredible, they see it from 10-year-old children who want to undertake, and also, I think it is one of the most watched programs in Latin America, and then, I said you know what, I dedicate myself to this, to promote the culture of entrepreneurshipSo it’s perfect, and there it fit very well, and I really liked it ”.

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Marcus is a recognized Mexican entrepreneur, investor, teacher, and speaker. He currently works as CEO of Startup Mexico, a leading organization in innovation and entrepreneurial culture in Latin America, partner of Dux Capital. Since 2018, Dantus has formed the panel of Shark Tank, also know as “Negotiating with sharks.”

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