Adamari López, do you stop the diet after losing almost 20 kilos?

After starting a healthy lifestyle almost two years ago, Adamari Lopez He lost a few kilos and today he looks like a heart attack. The star of novels such as “Friends and Rivals”, “Wood Woman”, “wild cat“And” Locura de Amor “has always been characterized by having a radiant anatomy, although in 2020 she decided to pay more attention to her health and adopted new habits.

What motivated the actress to take this big step was her little girl Alaïa, who was born in 2015 as a result of her marriage to the Spanish dancer Toni Costa, as she revealed, her physical condition did not allow her to play with her daughter as she ended up very tired.

However, when he started lose weight, seeing her new figure and greater resistance motivated her to continue the path of the fitness life and made her goal focus more on herself and her well-being. Recently, a curious video is making people talk on social networks, as it shows López “Break” the diet. Know all the details, below.

Adamari López Torres is a Puerto Rican actress and television presenter, famous for participating in several soap operas (Photo: Adamari López / Instagram)
Adamari López Torres is a Puerto Rican actress and television presenter, famous for participating in several soap operas (Photo: Adamari López / Instagram)


The host of the reality show “This is how you dance”, Adamari López, has surprised the public not only by his strength in overcoming a disease that changed his life, but also by his determination to lose more than 15 kilos at age 50. The Puerto Rican has maintained a rigorous eating plan that has given her great results, although a video posted on her Instagram account would reveal that she also has some snacks.


López is characterized by constantly uploading videos in reel format to his Instagram account, where he accumulates 6.9 million followers. This is how he shared a funny sketch with his daughter, where he is seen “breaking” his diet by eating some churros.

The audio of the video tells him that he should only eat lettuce, which upsets Adamari, who in response begins to enjoy dessert.

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Adamari Lopez born in Puerto Rico in 1971, and is the daughter of a renowned Humacao undertaker. His beginning in acting was at the age of 6 with the actress Johanna Rosaly and the singer José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma” in the Telemundo production of the soap opera Cristina Bazán.

When she came of age, she returned to participate in the Tapia Theater in Puerto Rico, where she captured the attention of Mexican producers who invited her to travel to their country to participate in important productions.

It was thus that he traveled to Mexico to participate in different soap operas, but became known worldwide with “Amigas y rivales”.

López, who has shown to have several qualities, in addition to being an actress and leading a television program, is now getting ready to be part of a jury that will evaluate the performance of dance contestants in the program. “This is how you dance”.

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