Bob Saget autopsy: this was found by coroners

On January 9, the famous actor Bob Saget was found dead in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Florida, United States, during his stand-up comedy and live music tour. The cause of death of the 65-year-old actor has not yet been confirmed, however, the autopsy of his body has given more details of what happened to the protagonist of “Full House.”

Hours after the news broke, People magazine reported more details about the death of the actor who, according to the media report, was found by a hotel cleaning employee. In addition, they realized that Bob Saget He had arranged a 3pm check out, but he never checked out. An hour later, housekeeping entered the room and found him unconscious in bed.

Last Monday, the Medical Examiner’s Office Orange County Police Department conducted an autopsy and released a statement with the results. What did they find in the analysis carried out by the forensics? Next, all the details about the death of the remembered Danny Tanner from “Full House” Y “Fuller Hose”.


According to the authorities’ statement, the autopsy found no evidence of drug use or criminal action in Bob Saget’s death. “At this time, there is no evidence of drug use or criminal action”Chief Medical Examiner Joshua Stephany said in a statement released by CNN.

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“The cause and manner of death are pending further study and investigation, which may take 10 to 12 weeks to complete.”added the coroner after the autopsy of Saget’s body.


According to police, a member of the hotel staff found Saget’s body and called 911 for a “guest who had no pulse” and “was not breathing.” Likewise, the report detailed that Jody Lee Harrison, a member of the hotel’s security team, entered Saget’s room and found him lying on the bed.

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The lights were off, according to Harrison, and the actor’s body “In a supine position” with the left arm “Crossed over the chest while the right arm was on the bed”.

“The room was tidy with items owned by Mr. Saget on the nightstand, closet, and bathroom.”Police agent Adrián González wrote in his report and added that the comedian had last used his room key at 2:17 am

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Finally, one of the hotel’s security men tried to perform CPR on Saget after calling 911, but when paramedics arrived, they had nothing else to do and pronounced him dead.

In his 2014 memoir, Bob Saget spoke about the loss of several of his loved ones throughout his life (Photo: Michael Tran / AFP)
In his 2014 memoir, Bob Saget spoke about the loss of several of his loved ones throughout his life (Photo: Michael Tran / AFP)