He goes to the hospital for abdominal pain and discovers that there was a scissors inside his body

One medical equipment from Bangladesh this week succeeded in removing a surgical scissors from a woman’s abdomen, where it had remained for the past 20 years after medical negligence in a surgery anterior.

Bachena Khatun, 55, was operated on Monday at the Chuadanga Sadarun hospital in Bangladesh and “is fine after the scissors extraction,” he told Efe on Tuesday. Waliur Rahman Nayan, a member of the team that participated in the surgery.

According to the doctors’ version, the patient had undergone surgery in a clinic in 2002 to remove a stone from the gallbladder, and “Somehow, the scissors stayed inside after the intervention”Rahman explained.

The woman, who has experienced intense pain for the past 20 years, was unaware until recently that an object had remained inside her body and that it was the cause of the discomfort.

“Recently, when he came to us, we requested an X-ray that finally revealed the presence of the scissors inside his abdomen.”, said the doctor, who assured that now the patient is recovering.

They demand compensation

Her relatives, however, claim compensation from the clinic where the first operation was performed, ensuring that the woman spent all her savings on that surgery.

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“I’ve always seen her complaining of abdominal pain, but we never thought there might be something inside her abdomen. Fortunately, the scissors was detected and has been removed. Now he is fine “Bachena’s daughter-in-law, Rozina Khatun, told EFE.

After learning of the incident, which has received wide media attention in the country, the health authorities have ordered an investigation into the matter, the local health chief, Jawaherul Islam, said today in statements collected by the Bangladeshi daily Dhaka Tribune.

The Health Rights Experts have criticized the absence of medical protocols in the country, which sometimes leads to the helplessness of people in the face of medical negligence.

Thus, unless the victims demonstrate criminal intentions in the motivations of doctors or health centers, they cannot seek legal help or request compensation for errors.

With information from EFE.