IPhones can finally use Teams Walkie Talkie

Microsoft Teams has been very helpful for users who have had to telecommute during the pandemic or who have followed its massive classes. Each has been, in essence, that meeting place where everyone has entered temporarily to receive their meetings or classes and although the hosts had the power to choose who participated in the meeting at the time of speaking, although there was a very interesting function What is it that of the Walkie Talkie and that comes to Teams for iOS.

The Teams Walkie Talkie finally on iOS

Using Teams on any device is the easiest for all users. It is true that you will need a Microsoft Office account to have all the functions available, but anyone can access the most basic communication functions. However, users of a bitten apple mobile device had some features unlocked.

One of those who can finally enjoy is the Walkie Talkie, a feature that works in the same way as the short-range communication device. Basically you will have to enter a room where the users you want to communicate with are and press a virtual button to start talking to the rest of the users.

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However, this feature is much more useful thanks to its unlimited range. Result that works through WiFi or even your mobile data, so you can use it anywhere without the limitation of having users within range. This not only stays on the iPhone, also the iPad will enjoy this function as long as it is enabled.

Zebra devices embrace this feature too

The best thing is that the iPhone are not the only ones that will have the Teams Walkie Talkie function. According to what he says WindowsCentral Zebra brand terminals will also have this feature on their lines, which you can use by pressing the button on the side of these terminals that is used for the same purpose.