Mariana Gómez, from “La reina del flow” 2 to “Canto para no llorar”, the series about Arelys Henao

“Arelys Henao, I sing to not cry” is a Colombian bioseries by Caracol Televisión that tells the story of the popular music singer and composer who has also become a symbol of the fight against gender violence. The bio-soap starring Mariana Gómez will reveal how the artist, since she was just a child, suffered almost all the forms of violence that plague the country.

In addition, it will be known in detail how difficult it was for her to position herself to the point of becoming the queen of popular music, and the loves of her life, experiences that she turned into songs to express her feelings.

Mariana gomez is a Colombian actress and singer recognized mainly for her leading role in the 2018 telenovela “Talk to ti“And for playing Irma in both seasons of”The queen of flow”.


“The voice Colombia”

Mariana gomez I participate in “The voice Colombia”, 2013 edition, where he was part of Andrés Cepeda’s team. Under the direction of the Colombian singer-songwriter, known for his romantic songs, the 29-year-old actress was placed in seventh place on the musical program.

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“Speak por ti”

In the series inspired by the lives of Colombian tropical music singer-songwriters Rodolfo Aicardi and Gustavo ‘El Loko’ Quintero, and which premiered in October 2018, Mariana Gómez played Daniela Botero Vélez De Arango / Martha.

“The queen of flow”

In “The queen of flow”She played Irma Serna ‘El Huracán’, the girlfriend of the son of Yeimy Montoya and Charly Cruz. This successful telenovela allowed her to demonstrate her talents as a vocal artist, which somehow helped her to get the leading role in “Arelys Henao, I sing to not cry”.

Mariana gomez She was also part of “La ley del corazón” (2018), where she played Vanessa Palacios, “Enfermeras” (2019), where she gave life to Maritza Santana de Pérez, and “Chichipatos” (2020), where she played Mónica.

Mariana Gómez as Irma Serna in the second season of "La reina del flow" (Photo: Caracol TV)
Mariana Gómez as Irma Serna in the second season of “La reina del flow” (Photo: Caracol TV)

“Arelys Henao, I sing so as not to cry”

“(…) Suddenly I get this role in the story of a woman who is that representation of women, of the fight against abuse, mistreatment and many other things that we are going to see in history”, Said Gómez in dialogue with the program ‘La Red’.

He also pointed to Snail TV: “We will understand, during history and towards the end of history, why it is definitely worth dreaming in this country and, above all, working for dreams, despite having been born or raised in the circumstances that have been.”.