The Samsung Galaxy S22 could arrive in a single version with a Qualcomm processor

Every year Samsung introduces a new high-end processor, and this usually arrives the month before the launch of its new series of flagships. That is why lately there has been a lot of talk about the Exynos 2200, processor that in theory should arrive for the next Galaxy S22 series.

It was the company that announced some time ago that this presentation would take place on January 11, 2022. But the day has passed, and they have not introduced the Exynos 2200 processor they promised. Because of that, Samsung has confirmed that the launch of its new chipset is delayed.

Yesterday was the day it had to be presented, but that was when they reported that Samsung was delaying the release of the Exynos 2200 processor. The reason for this unusual delay was not made clear from the outset, and no further information has been released for now.

The South Korean company has officially confirmed to the South Korean media that the launch of its new chipset, the Exynos 2200, is postponed.

A Samsung Electronics official has stated that: “We plan to unveil the new application processor at the time of the launch of a new Samsung smartphone. “ Also add the following: “There are no problems with the production and performance of the AP.”

This release could be an attempt to prevent investors from being scared off by its launch delay. And is that An informant assured that all models of the new Galaxy S22 would mount the latest Qualcomm processor, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. If true, the Exynos 2200 would not be present in Samsung’s new line of workhorses.

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It is because of that Samsung’s statement is not entirely hopeful, because despite the fact that they reported that the Exynos 2200 will arrive with a new smartphone, they did not specify that it would do so with the new Galaxy S22 series. Therefore, it is possible that the processor will arrive together with the new folding models, which will be launched on the market at the end of this 2022.

Meanwhile, we can only wait for new information from the company or leaks. What is clear is that Samsung is going through a completely unusual situation. But we have no choice but to wait for the next month to do so know for sure if the Galaxy S22 series will have the Exynos 2200.