Google wants Wear OS to allow you to use your smartwatch on whatever wrist you want

One of the biggest problems if you carry a smartwatch in your right hand because you are left-handed, or because you simply like to wear it like that, is that sometimes you can have usability problems, since not all smartwatches have a function that allows you to detect with which hand is used. Although it seems that Wear Os is going to make things easier for you in this regard.

In this way, as the 9to5Google colleagues, Google is working on a tool that will allow Wear OS smartwatches to use a specific orientation, determining if the smartwatch is on your left or right wrist to make its use more comfortable.

Today you can wear a Wear OS watch on your right wrist. It is awkward because the position of the side buttons cannot be pressed so easily. The solution would be as simple as using the watch in reverse of how the manufacturer created it. The problem is that Wear OS does not allow you to go back to the interface of a watch 180 degrees for this. But very soon this will change.

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Google wants to make things easier for lefties.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4Reloj con Wear OS 4

As far as we have learned, since 2018 there was a request to change this. And Google just marked this problem as “fixed.” As they have indicated “Our development team has implemented the feature you requested and it will be available on future new devices. “

Thus, Future devices that ship with Wear OS will feature this tool. Without a doubt, bittersweet news, since on the one hand we are sure that the next smartwatch with Wear OS will have this function. The problem is that Google has given a very vague answer and that can imply that devices with Wear OS 3 will not have this tool, nor will the most recent watches such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 that uses Wear OS 4.

Regarding the mechanism of use of this function, at the moment it is a mystery, but most likely they will add a new function in Wear OS settings menu to add this new tool, in addition to offering you the possibility of choosing the wrist with which you are going to use your smartwatch to adapt it according to your choice. Good news for lefties, who can now buy a smartwatch without worrying about anything.

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