Instagram will allow you to customize your profile more than ever in its next update

For several years, the social network Instagram has remained one of the most popular, and it is not surprising considering all that it offers. It’s also a great way to meet new people, as well as showing a bit of yourself. And you can fill in your profile with a multitude of information, although as the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

And is that your account will be full of photographs, your profile, highlighted stories and the grid under the biography, where you may have even been accumulating both photos and videos for years, information that is arranged chronologically.

As you know, from time to time updates arrive on Instagram, and it seems that one more will come soon, which has to do with the photo grid of your profile. And it seems that very soon you will be able to edit the order in which these photos appear on Instagram.

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Reorder photos on Instagram

It is a new function that at the moment is not available to users, as they are still working on it. Of course, when it arrives, everything indicates that it will have a very simple use, since it will allow you to drag the photos wherever you want, so it would not be necessary for you to delete them and republish them so that they are in the order you want.

The application Instagram It has had many changes over the years, but if there is one thing that has hardly been affected, it is the rset of photos of your profile, in which we have only seen how they added more tabs, the possibility of publishing longer videos and uploading up to 10 photos in a single publication.

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Another novelty that became a great trend was that of post a photo in mosaic mode, which was a real headache to get it uploaded in the proper order. But with the arrival of this new function, which would receive the name of Edit Grid, this problem is over.

Once the tool reaches the social network, we can find it in the Edit profile section, and then you can start dragging your photos wherever you want to get your account to have the order that you like the most.

Yes indeed, It is unknown if this will be an exclusive tool for professional accounts, or it will be available to all Instagram users. What you have to keep in mind is that it is possible that the function will not be launched, as has happened with others that have been tested over the years. But while we know more about its arrival or not, you will have to continue to carefully plan the publication of your mosaics.

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