Anonymous “Secret Story”: contestants, presenters, award and everything about the new season

After the success of “Secret Story: the house of secrets”, the Mediaset chain decided to bet on a second edition of “Secret Story“, Which will begin on January 13, 2022 and will feature a group of anonymous contestants, something that has not happened since” Big Brother Revolution. “

We are going to see a reality show where the main protagonist is the secrets, with the great novelty that the public expected and that is that the protagonists will be people from the street. I think they waited for it for a long time“, advertisement Carlos Sobera at a press conference.

For his part, Manuel Villanueva, general director of content at Mediaset pointed out: “We had been exploiting reality shows with well-known people, we knew that sooner or later we were going to reach the anonymous ones. We decided to let it rest for a while because we had done many GH edits, also for it to regenerate. But we knew that sooner or later it would come”.

Carlos Sobera will be in charge of conducting the main gala of "Secret Story" by anonymous (Photo: Mediaset)
Carlos Sobera will be in charge of conducting the main gala of “Secret Story” by anonymous (Photo: Mediaset)


After several clues that include a 100 pesetas coin, a black backpack, ‘Meditations’, Marco Aurelio’s book and a set of gold chains, the identities of the new inhabitants of the famous house of Guadalix de la Sierra will be known this Thursday, January 13 at the premiere gala of “Secret Story”.

That same day, the number of contestants who will live together for 13 or 14 weeks will be confirmed. All the details of the reality show can be followed live, 24 hours a day, through the signals of Mitele Y Mitele More.

We want it to be a gala with a great entertainment point. It is going to start in a very original and very visual way. In reality shows we cannot give many clues to be able to save surprises, but I anticipate that we seek to entertain”Stated Jaime Guerra, director of the group’s Production Division.

The contestants of the new edition of “Secret Story”Have been selected through a casting that began in February under the label The Genuine, and in which diversity and inclusion prevail. “We have been looking for authentic people, like you, like me, like anyone, and with great secrets”Said the Zeppelin Amparo Castellano board of directors.

We will discover people who are so generous that they have wanted to play with their secret. We have from a Primary teacher to Deputy Mayor. We also want to show a lot of multiculturalism, we are going to have people from many countries and also from all over the Spanish territory, without forgetting the Empty Spain. And furthermore, there will be a non-binary person and empowered women. Normally reality shows are a great stimulus to give naturalness to groups that are often out of the media focus, and we wanted to continue in this line”He added.

For the general director of the production company it is about “real people”. With ages between 24 and 44 years, from provinces such as Zaragoza, Barcelona, ​​Teruel, Guipúzcoa, Madrid, Badajoz, Seville, Tenerife, Malaga, Murcia and Cádiz, among others. They work as an intervener secretary, dismantling, commercial, esthetician, model, sanitary emergency technician, plumber, secretary, sweeper, math student, sales consultant and photographer.


The new hosts of the second season of “Secret Story” son Carlos Sobera, Toñi Moreno Y Sandra Barneda. The first will be in charge of the main gala, the second will be in charge of the Debates, which begins this Sunday, January 16, and the third of the gala on Tuesdays.

Regarding the selection of these three conductors, the Mediaset manager explained: “They have a very proven experience, the three of them have a long journey. When we decided to make this alignment we saw almost an astral conjunction between the three of them”.

I am absolutely delighted to be with Sandra and Toñi, and I am going to feel supported. I really like programs with ordinary people, it’s what I adore the most. I started on TV doing contests, where you receive normal people who come and open their hearts. And when you’ve been in the middle for a long time, you discover that they are the only people capable of moving you and surprising you.”Declared Sobera.


This time the award of “Secret Story”For the winner chosen by the audience will be 150.000 euros, while the winner of the game of spheres will take 50.000 euros.

Each of the contestants will enter the reality show hiding a personal secret that they must keep safe if they want to keep their numbered sphere. One of the spheres contains a prize of 50,000 euros that will be taken by the contestant who owns it at the end of the coexistence. The only way to get more spheres is to discover your partner’s participants.

Sandra Barneda reacts to the first clues of the contestants of "Secret Story" from Anonymous (Photo: Mediaset)
Sandra Barneda reacts to the first clues of the contestants of “Secret Story” from Anonymous (Photo: Mediaset)


Secret Story”Is a reality show that follows in the wake of the mythical ‘Big Brother’ and that locks the contestants in a house where they must live isolated from the outside and locked up for 24 hours. The difference is that this format incorporates a challenge to coexistence: each participant must keep a secret, which can be from any area of ​​their life, and must avoid being discovered by others.

Each contestant has to save his own story in addition to discovering what his companions are hiding. A ‘hunt’ for the secret in which they will not be able to lower their guard and that will lead them to be attentive 24 hours a day to the comments and reactions of each of the inhabitants.

The new edition will include some changes. For example, all the secrets will be revealed at the same time, in addition, if a contestant’s secret is discovered, he not only loses his sphere, but will be eliminated from the game and will lose his chances of winning the 50,000 euros.

As Vertele stated, “Only those who keep their secret safely will be able to choose to get the spheres of an expelled contestant. The secrets of the expelled participants will not be revealed, increasing the difficulty of solving them.”.

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