“Without breasts, there is paradise”: Latina premieres the third season of the successful Colombian series

From this Wednesday 12 at 11 pm, the third season of the most acclaimed story in recent times by the audience, the Colombian series, will arrive in Latina. “Without breasts there is paradise”, story is inspired by a young woman born in a town controlled by the mafia seeks revenge on those who harmed and imprisoned her family unjustly.

Starring Carmen Villalobos, Catherine Siachoque, Fabián Ríos and Carolina Gaitán, This season, the time has come to choose the most beautiful girl in the region and the catwalk has become a battlefield.

The support of the Marín family towards Catalina the little one (Carolina Gaitán) and Yésica Beltrán (Majida Issa) towards their daughter is immense, since she is willing to do anything to see her daughter Daniela (Johanna Fadul) crowned queen of the region.

Yésica, who attends the event disguised as her sister, has contacted the jurors and seeks to bribe them to incline their vote in favor of Daniela. But Little Catalina stands out not only for her beauty but for her intelligence. The outcome of this contest will define the course of their lives.

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The relationship between little Catalina and Hernán Darío (Juan Pablo Urrego) is threatened by the obsession of Mariana (Stephania Duque). She will give birth to a beautiful girl and will continue to claim that she is the daughter of Hernán Darío. Catalina has a small doubt about the paternity of Hernán Darío and will do everything in her power to decipher the identity of the true father.

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