Sergio Mayer Mori, Rebelde actor, did not want to be in the Netflix series: the real reason he accepted the role of Esteban

Rebel, the series of Netflix which is the continuation of the well-remembered Mexican telenovela that caused a sensation among young people during the first years of the 21st century, it has caused a stir in several Latin American countries. With its first eight chapters, it has managed to capture the hearts of the fans of that time and of the new viewers who have also been satisfied with such production.

For all the history and success of the first installment in 2004, one can assume that the actors should feel proud to be part of the new series, but it is not like that, since one of the young interpreters of the series had no problem in reveal that he didn’t really want to participate.

It is about the young 23-year-old actor, Sergio Mayer Mori, who took the role of Esteban in the new production. During an interview with Quien magazine, he gave more details of that little enthusiasm to work there, his zero expectations and the real reasons why he was forced to accept such a job.

As expected, his statements have not gone down well with the fanatic community of Rebel And it has earned endless criticism because those fervent fans consider it to be a cult series that must be respected for all that it caused several years ago.

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Sergio Mayer Mori, actor who plays Esteban in the series, spoke about the recent premiere of Rebelde and had no problem in stating that he did not care much and that he does not expect much either. What’s more, he affirmed that he felt some sorrow.

“The premiere did not cause me nervousness, rather a pity that the whole planet sees me act the way I act”, he claimed.

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To avoid misinterpretations, he also reported why he does not feel very encouraged with the series and his role, making it clear that he has other priorities in his acting and music career. “It was an incredible experience, but I am more concerned about what will happen to my album, how it will start with the series and with my personal projects “, He said.

“I don’t want to sound indifferent or anything, but I’m not impressed by any issue that has to do with the series. With great pleasure and with great gratitude I did what I had to do, I did my job as an actor and everything, but other than that, there is no impression or expectation of anything because my priorities are different “he added.


The young actor made it clear that he did a casting because he needed an income because he is not earning anything with music yet, so Rebelde was salvation at that time, for which he feels very grateful to the entire production and also with what the program means to many people.

Sergio Mayer said that he had some expenses to do for his daughter, so his work on the Netflix series helped him a lot during that time.

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“I was very grateful that they gave me the opportunity, regardless of the name of the project. I needed to work, because my daughter has just turned five, she is in school and she needs things. The ballet classes, the birthday party or whatever, and to be able to contribute financially I looked for a casting, because I am not charging for my music yet “he commented.

Sergio Mayer and his daughter enjoying a moment together in Punta Ixtapa, Mexico.  (Photo: Sergio Mayer Mori / Instagram).
Sergio Mayer and his daughter enjoying a moment together in Punta Ixtapa, Mexico. (Photo: Sergio Mayer Mori / Instagram).


A few months ago, the artist expressed that he felt hatred for Rebelde and that he knew absolutely nothing about it because he had not seen any episode of the soap opera that aired years ago, for which he was highly criticized at the time. Now, after all this time, he explained his words.

“It was a very wrong way of expressing my mind. I just really regret saying it the way I did, it was a mistake, but I was never at war with Rebelde “, he detailed in his interview.