Grupo Firme in Los Angeles: date, place, price and how to buy tickets for the concert

The Firm Group may be one of the most requested Mexican bands of the moment and with one of the tightest schedules for this 2022, which includes a concert at the end of March in Mexico City, but also one in May in U.S, specifically in the city of Los Angeles.

The Mexican regional grouping will be presented at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, in what will be their first performance in an American stadium, so that night will make history and could mean a totally positive before and after for the future of all the artists who are members of the band.

Since the confirmation of this recital in U.S In December of last year, thousands of Mexican fans are waiting to purchase tickets, but they would not be the only ones because we remember that the band led by Eduin Caz has crossed borders, earning the admiration of many people in many Latin American countries. .

Grupo Firme will perform in Los Angeles in May 2022, generating a lot of expectation among its fans.
Grupo Firme will perform in Los Angeles in May 2022, generating a lot of expectation among its fans.


With Eduin Caz leading the way, the best musicians ever and the best repertoire of songs, the Firm Group It will be presented in Los Angeles, United States to delight all its Latino fans who are living in that city and also in the entire country as followers from other locations are expected to travel for that date.

The long-awaited concert is scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 28 at 7 p.m. (local time), so all fans must separate that date and also the best seats because the stadium is large, as is the number of people who want to purchase a ticket.

We will remember that, for the Grupo Firme concert in Mexico City, the tickets ran out in a few minutes after the pre-sale began.


The pre-sale is open at the moment, although a special code is required that some people obtained when registering on the SoFi Stadium website in the fortnight of December when the concert was announced through the Firme Group social networks.

Those who are waiting for the general sale will also have their time and it will not be long, so they must already prepare everything to make the respective purchase. And it is that this Friday, January 14, the process begins with total normality and open to all public.

The sale of tickets for the Grupo Firme concert in Los Angeles on May 28 will take place virtually through the TicketMaster website.

Once inside you will be able to see the map of the stadium so that you can choose in which area you would like to sit to enjoy the concert. In addition, there you will know the prices of each ticket. Remember to have a credit or debit card on hand when making the payment.


As we have already mentioned above, the SoFi Stadium has many areas for the public to access the concert, so there are also different prices on tickets, the same ones that they can find out by going to the website of the company in charge of selling the tickets. What can be mentioned is that tickets range from $ 70 to $ 830.

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