PowerPoint will let you use your fonts in the web version

One of the things users like the most is having certain customization features on hand. These help to create an application more adjusted to the style of each one with certain parameters. This depends on the companies themselves, but it is true that more and more are providing this type of improvement to users. One of the cases that we will see recently is that of PowerPoint and the use of new online sources.

More fonts available in PowerPoint

Microsoft has on its staff some of the most important applications in the world of office automation. So much so that you are sure to ask other people for these types of files with the name they have as is the case with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In this case we are going to tell you a news that we will have soon in the most famous slide generator.

And it is that the Redmond company are making numerous changes to their applications. In fact, it even has a roadmap in which it is clear when it will bring news to its different applications. One of them is scheduled to arrive next February as is the case of use of new custom fonts in business presentations.

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This feature was already available for some applications such as Word, but now they will come to the slide application. This is an improvement that will help many to use the font they have customized to make more professional and interesting presentations that do not have the typical Arial or Calibri font as they have been using the app for a few years by default.

Yes, the users of Office Online They will be the first to start using this feature, but in the case of the rest of the versions for Windows and Mac will have to wait for the months of March and June respectively to work.

More improvements for Office apps

It seems that the Redmond are getting serious about updating their different applications. And is that custom fonts in PowerPoint are not the only ones to come. We have recently learned that an improvement for Outlook is pending in Microsoft’s roadmap with which to add new interactions to messages as you do on your favorite social networks. There is also very little left for this, so we can only wait for these improvements to be made.