Edge already tests smooth scrolling when moving pages

We are at a time when different hardware and software companies strive to make content viewing as fluid as possible. And this is up to both parties, since one optimizes the program so that its performance is as often as possible and the other takes care of its reproduction. This is what we now have to talk about with New Edge tests with smoother scrolling.

New Edge improvements in sight

It seems that Microsoft has hit the key to offer a browser to match the current circumstances. The move to incorporate a Chromium base with which the browser works better and faster. But it is not only worth having the same base as Google Chrome, there is work to improve and know how to get ahead of the rest of applications and stand out with new functions.

In the case of Edge is working on a new feature to improve your scrolling fluidity. Until now this could be a problem for many because this vertical scrolling movement was a little short in terms of use since it used what is known as a variable refresh rate. But this will change soon with an update that is expected to make the speed much smoother.

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This feature is available in the Canary version, which corresponds to the prelude to receive browser updates sooner rather than later. It’s all about having the system push itself a bit to offer this feature, but it will be temporary, so it won’t be as serious an effort as expected.

There are requirements to meet

The funny thing about it is that you need a series of requirements for this to work. And is that for the smooth movement of Edge to be totally effective you have to have a VRR panel and a compatible controller to make sure it works as it should. At least that is what they have in TechRadar, where they affirm that what results is that the monitor does not work as it should and that there is a delay between what the device emits and what the screen reproduces, giving rise to going To stumble.