The horror movies and series that will shake us in 2022

Already a previous report we vindicate genre cinema, with the focus on Science Fiction, highlighting its importance in the very first years of the History of Cinema. In the particular case of Terror, equally ignored throughout history, there is also something to highlight, although it is interpretable or more subtle if you like.

Scary movies connect directly with an ancient element in us as humans. The fear It has made us survive for millennia because it keeps us alert to dangers. Is a resource of our mind that has helped us stay alive. In the dark room of the cinema we feel horror films with joy and nervousness. We know that we are safe in our context as spectators of a fiction and we do not run away in terror, but that does not prevent us from covering our eyes, screaming, and holding tightly to whoever is next to us, as if it were a real danger.

The first public presentation of the Cinematograph was held on December 28, 1895 at El Gran Café Capuchinos in Paris by the Lumiere brothers (by the way, investigate the Spanish Mariano Díez Tobar If you are interested in the origins of cinema, it will blow your mind). One of the one-minute films that was shown was The arrival of the train. Perhaps in equal parts legend and reality, watching a train make its way from the screen towards the spectators caused panic among the audience. Remember, it was an audience that saw moving images of that quality and magnitude for the first time. Fear as a spring for survival surfaced in those people for a few seconds. What came after the bewilderment were the nervous laughter that we know so well today when we watch a scary movie. This leads us to think that, even inadvertently, the horror genre was one of the first to appear on a movie screen. Respect, then.

Placed on this basis, we would like to put another matter on the table, and that is that in the last decade or so of this 21st century, several films of this genre are released every year that enter the most noteworthy lists. Some even reach the qualification of modern classic or cult film from the beginning. It is therefore spoken of a revival of the horror genre, and it happens treating the usual tropes somewhat differently, to the point that they can create confusion when it comes to their classification. They are works such as The Witch, Babadook, Let me out, Let me in, It Follows, A quiet place, the Warren’s adventures, Hereditary, Midsommar, The Neon Demon, Mandy, Coherence, The Descent, Green Room, The Lighthouse, The autopsy by Jane Doe and a long and mind-boggling etc.

There are those who have seen fit to create a label that brings together the terror that seems to fly over the genre, and so we come to Elevated Horror. As we unexpectedly commented in the Beyond Blue review, we are not friends with labels and concepts that start from an inferiority complex that we know does not exist. And it is that the horror film of lifelong scares seems as valid as the one that seeks to transcend in some way. It is not necessary to mislead to assert yourself. Being yourself you are already relevant, you are simply (and it is not a little) giving a different value to the genre that welcomes you. That said, it’s time to see if the harvest of screams in 2022 is good, and if any of the premieres that come to us end with the cult halo, whether or not they are, ahem, Elevated Horror.

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In 1996 Scream hit theaters to put the youth slasher back and a half. And he did it from the inside, exposing the usual tropes to a complicit audience. The curious thing is that there were three sequels later with a very good level (except for the third, the weakest of the set). Now comes a fifth without a tagline five that has driven everyone who has seen it crazy. It seems that we are facing a movie at the height of the original. It’s something to celebrate and we can’t wait to see for ourselves.

The woman in the house across the street from the girl at the window

Long title for a series that begins as Rear Window by Maestro Alfred Hitchcock. It stars a Kristin Bell with problems with alcohol, pills and holding ceramic bowls in her hands. A mysterious and attractive neighbor, a murder seen through the window and a mind that comes to doubt whether or not what is happening is real. Certain, has many, too many, similarities to the movie The Woman in the Window, starring Amy Adams, also released on the streaming platform. It is possible that this eight-part series wants to give a twist to the work on which it seems to be based, mixing thriller, suspense and comedy. The unknowns will disappear on January 28 with its premiere on Netflix.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

In 1974 Tobe Hooper spat a shocking movie in our faces. The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a milestone and became both a classic and a cult film. After other installments and restarts we now get a kind of sequel to the original. The two at the time was of appreciable quality and we are sure that it is a solid part of the foundations that feed the magnificent video game Resident Evil 7. We hope that this new foray, chainsaw through, will turn our lives upside down again. In mid-February we will have doubts.

You Won´t Be Alone

Australian production, You Won´t Be Alone takes us to the Macedonia of the XIX century. There a baby is kidnapped by a ‘wolf eater’ (powerful definition for something they sense as enormously dangerous). The girl, when she grows up, will become a witch under the tutelage of that mysterious force. Selected for this year’s Sundance Festival, his images have the wild nature of La Bruja and a certain Folk Horror component. Goran Stolevski directs in his directorial debut and will arrive in the spring. It has everything to get you to hang the famous Elevated Horror tag.

The Black Phone

Children in a yellow raincoat, a bad guy with a painted face who kidnaps and kills them, balloons (black in this case), a town with a secret past, a supernatural touch … It would seem that we are talking about IT, but not. This is The Black Telephone, the latest from Scott Derrickson, director of the effective The Exorcism of Emily Rose. The difference is marked by how the previous victims try to help the kidnapped boy by sending messages through a disconnected phone that he has in his cell. As of January 28, we will be able to check if these details are enough to make us forget your references.

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Mysterious project the Jordan Peele’s third feature length after the acclaimed Let Me Out and We. The premiere is July 22 and we still don’t know much about the film. We do know his poster but, unsurprisingly, it involves more questions than answers. In it we can see a cloudy night, with a huge cloud that seems to have swallowed a fairground attraction, and a town just below it with its streets and houses illuminated and oblivious to everything. In the cast, which was revealed by the poster itself, we have Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer and Steve Yeun. The director’s trajectory only makes us look forward to the result. We will see in summer what that cloud brings.

Salem’s Lot

There are entire generations traumatized by crucial moments in horror movies. There are those who did not return to shower calmly after Psychosis, who looked at the sea with distrust after Jaws. There were those who, when looking at a staircase in a house, thought they would faint if a ball suddenly appeared bouncing from their first steps after having seen At the end of the staircase. As in the case at hand, It is to look from our bed towards the window on a cold night and pray that a child does not appear scratching its windows. The series of The Mystery of Salem’s Lot brought vampirism to our nightmares according to Stephen King. After Chapelwaite, a prequel that premiered as a series last year based also on King’s work, on September 9, 2022 more than one will meet their former demons at the cinema. Are you one of them?

Halloween Ends

With permission from the pupil Friday the 13th, there must be few horror franchises with as many deliveries behind them as Halloween. In 1978 the great John Carpenter laid the foundations (alongside Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre a few years earlier) of what the slasher would be to this day. After an anthological introduction, we were introduced to Michael Myers, a masked and unbeatable murderer who devastates the lives of clueless young people. With some worthy reboot, most of the movies around Myers have been pretty forgettable. We’ll see if this final season of the last trilogy ends up ripping our voices out of us by screaming or joining the lower part of the franchise in laughter.


The visionary Clive Barker gave us in 1987 an icon of horror cinema of all time. The cenobites were an unspeakable horror on screen. Also with several later incarnations, 2022 offers us a reboot of the original title. It will be an unpleasant pleasure to stare again in amazement at that cursed box. And how some unwary manipulates her and, in her Rubik’s cube mutation, opens a portal to a dimension that tears flesh and worships pain.

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Interview with the vampire

Anne Rice, who died in December of last year, will not be able to see what this new foray into the audiovisual of her now eternal work is left with. In 1994, the very personal Neil Jordan (don’t miss the fascinating In the Company of Wolves that he shot a decade earlier) was in charge of putting in images dense, elegant and decadent romanticism of which the American writer boasted. Lestat and company return in series form for AMC this time. And it seems like a perfect format given their current quality and the extent of the work on paper. Hopefully the respect and pampering that Jordan’s film gave us will continue.

Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

In 2013 Guillermo del Toro (a guy who seems normal until you see what his house is like) presented a book with his Cabinet of curiosities. In it he showed that delicious inner world that has led him to be considered a respected author within horror and fantastic. The book, which is edited as if it were handwritten due to the amount of handwriting and the collages of drawings that populate it, could well be the center of a suspense thriller. Now comes the serial visualization, more than of that printed work, of the mind that houses it. If the book collected more than a decade of dreams and jobs, the Netflix series arrives a decade later to show us that fantasy and that terror from the hand of a team of renowned directors. We will have Jennifer Kent (Babadook), Panos Cosmatos (Mandy), Ana Lily (A girl comes home alone at night) or Vincenzo Natali (Cube). You guessed it some of the names that have renewed the genre in this century. The result is unlikely to disappoint.

The Last of Us

And we ended up in style. The serial adaptation of The Last of Us has the full participation of Neil Druckmann, who is co-writing the play with Craig Mazin, the creator of the magnificent Chernobyl series. During months prior to the agreement, both were throwing the hooves through social networks regarding their works. It had to be magical that moment in which both agreed to bring the game to the small screen. Sony and HBO Max are involved in the production and, as in the game, the series will feature scores by Gustavo Santaolla. Playing Joel, none other than the Mandalorian Pedro Pascal. There are many hopes in this project about the human being, selfishness, and yes, zombies, infected or whatever you want to call them. A high-altitude drama with terror in the background that can become a before and after (along with the fabulous Arcane) when it comes to video game adaptations.

We have reached the end. While it is disappointing to see so many known skins on the list, it is also true that very interesting new proposals are coming our way. It is a matter of gathering with friends in cinemas or at home with the couple on electric stormy nights, and preparing to feel again the chill that primal cinema produced the first time it had an expectant audience before it.