Android 13 will make things easier for you when it comes to scanning QR codes

It must be recognized that the use of QR codes It is not the most comfortable, but there are people who need them. Nowadays, you can find them practically everywhere, and not all mobile phones have it easy when it comes to scanning a QR code, so you end up wasting a lot of time. Even if With Android 13 things are going to change.

The usual thing is to use the phone’s camera application to scan a QR code, but it does not always work, and you have to use Google Lens manually to get it. But this problem may come to an end, because according to a report, Android 13 will make things easier for us to scan them, and it can be done from the lock screen itself.

Just like have reported from Android Police Using screenshots, the new feature coming with Android 13 will have an option to “show QR scanner”On the lock screen, in addition, you can also see a reference in the quick settings. This other way would make the process of scanning QR codes much easier by being more intuitive. This website also received information about a new “tap-to-transfer” feature coming to Android 13.

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Android 13 will have its own QR code reader

Nowadays the use of QR codes is very common, even on Android it is often used as a WiFi access code. And not only are it uses that have to do with technology, it is also often used in restaurants and more. It is for this reason that facilitating the scanning of the QR code is a great advantage.

In addition, this is an optional function, so if you do not use them regularly, you can deactivate it without any problem, thus removing the quick settings button. On the other hand, all those who are going to use it, will see how the arrival of Android 13 improves its use.

Of course, for now we will have to arm ourselves with patience. Recall that, to begin with, Android 13 has not been presented. We assume that in May 2022, taking advantage of Google’s developer conference, the Mountain View-based giant will officially unveil the next version of the popular mobile operating system.

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But for now, until there is official confirmation, the only thing to do is wait. But, without a doubt, it is excellent news that, With Android 13 it will be much easier to read QR codes since it will have a native tool for it.